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Should You Include a Home Office in Your New Home Build?
By Harden Custom Homes 10 Feb 2020
In designing your new home it’s important to take your whole lifestyle into consideration. How you live, eat, sleep, lounge, and even work. If you ever do work from home you may want to consider creating a workspace or home office. Trying to work in an extra bedroom that is...
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Garage space reimagined - Building Your Dream Home in Southwest Florida
By Harden Custom Homes 03 Feb 2020
If you are building a Florida home, chances are the design plan includes an attached garage. Of course, the garage area is intended for vehicle storage, but what if you choose simply to park outside? What kind of area could that extra space afford you for close to the very same p...
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Wondering if a Harden Custom Home is Right for You? - Answers to our most commonly asked questions!
By Harden Custom Homes 21 Jan 2020
When it comes to home building our clients mostly ask us the same important questions. Rather than make you dig for information we thought it would be nice to give you the answers to the questions you may have swirling around in your head so you can feel at ease with choosing Har...
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Building Your New Dream Home on Marco, Sanibel, or Captiva Islands
By Harden Custom Homes 10 Jan 2020
Every year tourists from all over the globe travel to Florida for holiday. Vacationers have long craved the beauty, the tropical weather, the sun, the sand, and the quaintness of these islands. Captiva, Sanibel, and Marco Island stand out among the United States' most exotic ...
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Before You Build - Ask Yourself: Does My Fort Myers, Florida Home Builder Meet These Standards
By Harden Custom Homes 08 Jan 2020
Owning a beautiful home that is comfortable to live in has long been the American dream. Building that home custom is ideal because the designer forms the space around the way you live and who you are. It becomes an extension of you. The catch to this fantasy is that building a h...
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Home Building Trends - What’s Hot in Florida in 2020
By Harden Custom Homes 01 Jan 2020
2020 has kicked off with a bang and Harden Custom Homes is ready to build you your new custom home! This new decade rings in some new trends in home design.  Let’s take a look at the top design plan trends for the new decade! 1. Spacious floor plansFeeling closed in is...
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Tax Advantages of Building a New Custom Home
By Harden Custom Homes 26 Dec 2019
There is no doubt that building a new home or buying a new home is a major investment. There is some good news when it comes to building a new home and filing your taxes. While most of the expenses that come into play when building a new home are not tax-deductible that doesn&rsq...
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Avoid the Three Most Common Mistakes When Custom Building Your New Home
By Harden Custom Homes 23 Dec 2019
Building a new home is exciting. It’s one of the biggest personal projects you will likely ever undertake. While it’s wonderful to get caught up in the thrill of it all, make sure you remain grounded and paying attention to the details. We wanted to make you aware of ...
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Building Your Dream Home ‘vs’ Continuing to Rent
By Harden Custom Homes 19 Dec 2019
At first glance renting may seem like the less expensive option. That isn't always the case, especially if you are living in an area where you are established and plan on staying for several years. When you own your own home you have a stable predictable payment every month. ...
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Feeling Overwhelmed with Too Many Choices on Your New Custom Harden Home?
By Harden Custom Homes 12 Dec 2019
Building a custom home is the stuff dreams are made of for many Americans. It takes work, dedication, and a lot of choices to get to the finished product. It can be more overwhelming then you might suspect. Choices that seemed fun can become overwhelming when there are so many to...
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