Building Your Dream Home ‘vs’ Continuing to Rent
By Harden Custom Homes 19 Dec 2019

At first glance renting may seem like the less expensive option. That isn't always the case, especially if you are living in an area where you are established and plan on staying for several years.

When you own your own home you have a stable predictable payment every month. The landlord can't randomly decide upon renewal that the cost will go up. Add in tax benefits like building an energy-efficient home and you can save even more.

Harden Custom Homes builds homes right. We make sure your home is equipped with a great layout, energy-efficient construction, energy-efficient appliances, and the right-sized HVAC system to keep your home cool without hoisting your energy bill.

When you build you aren't just building a home, you are building equity. Renting, every dollar you pay is just simply gone. Its profit for your landlord or for them to pay on their mortgage building themselves equity. Why toss that money away when it could be yours?

Building a new home also makes you a better credit risk. Your credit score, once you establish regular on time monthly payments, should be boosted and help you with other future loan procurement.

You may even be able to write off moving expenses. Talk with your tax professional and make sure you get all the advantages homeownership offers!

Harden Custom Homes can also help you work out where to build. We work with clients from Port Charlotte and Punta Gorda all the way south to Naples and Marco Island, Florida. We have been in business for over 40 years and know the area like the back of our hands. If you have questions please use us as a resource.

Choosing a builder you can trust is crucial to the outcome and process of building your home. We have a stellar reputation and many ties to the community which enable us to work for you in your best interest sourcing contractors and supplies at the best prices and passing that savings along to you.

Make 2020 the year your dream of building the home you have always wanted. Call Harden Custom Homes at 239-205-5075 to discuss your future custom home. You may also swing by our corporate showroom which is located at 5782 Enterprise Parkway Fort Myers, FL 33905. We would love to meet you.