2020 Promises a Very Active Hurricane Season for Florida
By Harden Custom Homes 06 Apr 2020

As if we aren't being hit hard enough with the Coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic watching Florida shutting down in fear of becoming the next United States hot spot, now the news and meteorologists have hit us all with the good news that 2020 promises to be a very active hurricane season.

For this reason, over the years, we have built and continue to build our custom homes up to top standards for hurricane toughness. We want our homes to stand the test of time and in Southwest Florida, that means using the best construction materials and adhering strictly to hurricane guideline building code.

Hurricanes in this area have proven themselves more than capable of inflicting devastating damage to our beautiful coastline. All new construction must follow certain building codes to reinforce homes against hurricane damage. Even still, there are some additional steps you can take during construction to help protect it.

Wind: Surprisingly most of the damage during a hurricane comes from wind, not flooding. In older conventionally built homes the continual pressure can weaken and then rip through unprotected homes.  One of the most at-risk target areas for destructive winds is the garage doors.  Most garage doors are constructed from lightweight material making them vulnerable to high-force winds, and any bend or crack will let the pressure build up until the doors breach and the wind gets inside.  If the doors are penetrated, upward pressure could rip off the roof. It’s important to prevent a breach by looking at the pressure rating of your garage doors and reinforcing them so that they can withstand hurricane force.  It’s also necessary to make sure they are rated for impact resistance.

Windows: Windows also can be a point of entry for gusts because of airborne debris.  In hurricane-prone regions, it’s highly recommended that you built with impact-resistant windows designed to withstand hits. Regular glass can shatter leaving residents and homes at risk. Hurricane shutters can also be installed to cover the windows during storms category 2 and higher. Any breach can leave the home open to water damage as well. 

Glue Down the Roof: Another way to maintain the structural integrity of the home so that the wind can’t get leverage to rip it apart is to glue down the roof.  Although roofs are generally well constructed, the glue acts as an added layer of protection to help hold things together when the wind gets really strong.

Which Zone Are You In? Although hurricanes striking a particular area are rare, overall hurricanes form every year, and you never know when one will strike your area.  Despite being a relative paradise, Southwest Florida is in the hurricane danger zone.  When you’re building your new custom home, be sure to consider steps to help protect it against the damage of a hurricane. 

If you have any questions about your options for preparing for a hurricane or about your new custom home in general Harden Custom Homes can help. We know the area well and can assist not only build the home of your dreams to your exact specifications at a price you will love but help you locate the perfect lot. Talk with us today!

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