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Tips for Designing a Great Closet
By Harden Custom Homes 22 May 2019
When looking at new homes or even when designing a home, closets are often overlooked.  Nevertheless, these are often the spaces in which we begin and end every day, so the design and function of the closet can impact the entire day.  Your mornings can be a lot less fru...
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Marco Island New Home Builds
By Harden Custom Homes 17 May 2019
If you desire a home close to the beaches and the Gulf of Mexico, then Marco Island, Florida is the perfect location. The largest of the barrier islands that compose the Ten Thousand Islands, Marco Island is a draw for the young and old. With the multitude of activities on the is...
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Benefits of Building a Stilt Home
By Harden Custom Homes 08 May 2019
Around Southwest Florida you see a lot of houses built off the ground, supported by stilts. Stilt houses are very common in most coastal and subtropical regions like Florida. Some of the benefits are opening up the view, giving stability on unstable land, protecting against flood...
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Tips for Living Room Design
By Harden Custom Homes 29 Apr 2019
One of the most important rooms in a house is the living room, so when you’re considering your custom design for your new home, it’s very important to spend some time getting the living room right. Remember that the living room is going to be a major gathering area fo...
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What is a Lanai?
By Harden Custom Homes 19 Apr 2019
Newcomers to Florida may hear the word “lanai” to describe a feature of their house but may be unclear exactly what a lanai is. Often a lanai is contrasted with a porch, patio, or veranda. The word itself is Hawaiian, meaning patio or balcony, but it has come to have ...
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Don’t Neglect the Ceilings
By Harden Custom Homes 09 Apr 2019
When designing your own custom home, you have full control over all aspects of the design. This means you can make decisions about everything from the large things like floorplan and layout to the smallest details like molding. One often overlooked aspect of home design is the ce...
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Design Ideas for a Bedroom Retreat
By Harden Custom Homes 29 Mar 2019
With so many homes being built with open floor plans that help promote a communal space for all the family to gather and be together, many people are looking to create a private retreat in their bedroom.  Entertainment has moved into bedrooms, with each bedroom having a TV a...
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Tips for Landscape Design
By Harden Custom Homes 20 Mar 2019
One very important finishing touch to put on your new custom home after it’s built is the landscaping.  As beautiful as your new home is on the inside, you’ll want to make it equally beautiful on the outside, and that means carefully considered landscape design. ...
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Backyard Pools: Pros and Cons
By Harden Custom Homes 11 Mar 2019
When beginning to plan your custom Florida home, one of the biggest questions you'll ask yourself is whether or not to add a pool - after all, adding a pool during initial construction can save you a lot of money further on down the road if you decide to add one later. And wh...
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Features of an Energy Efficient Home
By Harden Custom Homes 04 Feb 2019
A “Green” house helps the environment by reducing its energy consumption.  These options are becoming more and more popular, as they not only help the environment but also help save in the cost of living in the house.  Nowadays, you want to take a whole-hous...
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