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Captivating Master Bath Ideas You May Never Have Considered
By Harden Custom Homes 16 Jan 2018
When building a custom home its only natural to seek out innovative ideas that not only let you keep up with the Joneses but blow them completely out of the water. (While still staying within your budget of course.) Let's take a look at a few Master Bath ideas that aren&rsquo...
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The Psychology Behind Home Building
By Harden Custom Homes 16 Jan 2018
Why do we want our very own home? Better yet, why do we want to build our own home? We look around, there are plenty of houses already constructed and sitting there ready and waiting and on the market, yet there is that yearning… a craving within us to make something from ...
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What Do Your Home Color Choices Say About You?
By Harden Custom Homes 08 Jan 2018
Choosing to build a home is a big step. A big, wonderful, fun step where you get to be fully creative because there is no more landlord. This property will be yours and yours alone and you may freely do as you wish.Designing your home falls right in line with the project of build...
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Top 5 Requests in Custom Home Building
By Harden Custom Homes 01 Jan 2018
When you have been a custom home builder for as long as we have here at Harden Custom Homes you start to notice a pattern in what clients are looking for when they come to you with custom ideas.We thought it would be fun to ring in the new year of 2018 by sharing the top 5 most c...
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Freestanding Master Bathtubs - What is Driving This New Trend?
By Harden Custom Homes 20 Dec 2017
Surprisingly bathing only became socially popular as a standard grooming habit in the late 18th century. These days we can't imagine going for any period of time without a nice hot shower or bath. Our love of bathing takes us to a new level of design when planning o...
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Build a Hurricane Proof Dream Home
By Harden Custom Homes 19 Dec 2017
With Hurricane Irma still fresh in all of our minds when considering building a new home here in Southwest Florida hurricane proofing to the very best of our ability has become a major concern.Though there isn’t much one can do in regard to storm surge and flooding being as...
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The Sunshine State is Going Solar!
By Harden Custom Homes 06 Dec 2017
We live in the Sunshine state. That right there should tell you that we are in the ideal climate for solar energy to be a worthwhile option. If you are building a new home, chances are you plan to live in it for a while. Though not inexpensive at the inception, over time sol...
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Flooring Trends for 2018
By Harden Custom Homes 03 Dec 2017
When building a new home, every detail matters. It can seem overwhelming with all of the coordination and decisions to be made, but if you take a step back and look at the bigger picture you can really choose to relish this time. Its the time of creation, to put together one puzz...
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Oh the Difference Doors Can Make
By Harden Custom Homes 19 Nov 2017
The majority of doors in homes here in Southwest Florida are pretty standard. 2 Sides of plywood and a standard issue doorknob. Not interesting, but functional. After all, who really thinks much about their doors?You would be surprised as to what a difference you can make in the ...
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Accessibility - A Home Consideration as You Age
By Harden Custom Homes 15 Nov 2017
If you buy a home in your younger years there is likely little to no thought about accessibility issues as you age. If you intend to flip the home in a few years this may work out just fine, but what if you end up deciding to live in your home for a lengthy amount of time, even i...
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