Benefits of a Custom Home
By Harden Custom Homes 03 Dec 2018

When purchasing a new home, future homeowners must make numerous big decisions, the most important of which may be the decision of whether to purchase a custom-built home designed from scratch or an existing home ready for immediate move-in. While moving into an existing home might seem like the easiest and most simple solution, a custom-built home offers benefits that allow the homeowner to be involved in nearly every step of the process and end up with a home that is nothing short of their dream home.

Harden Custom Homes is one such Bonita Springs home builder, based out of Fort Myers, Florida, that offers these benefits and more to future homeowners in Southwest Florida:

  • A custom-built home is a one-of-a-kind home. For as long as you live and no matter where you go, you'll never come across a home quite like yours. That's because your home was built with both your tastes and your needs in mind, and is completely unique to your personality.

  • A custom-built home is a "green" home. Modern homes usually take into consideration modern concerns for the environment as well as energy costs, however, green energy-saving features can be costly, or, at times, impossible to add onto existing homes. Custom homes allow these features to be added as the home is being built, features that oftentimes save the homeowner a great deal of money in the long run.

  • A custom-built home accommodates special needs. Is someone in your family disabled or handicapped, and, as a result, they require a home without stairs or with wheelchair accessibility when getting around or caring for themselves? Regardless of your special needs, a custom home can be designed so that all residents are at their most comfortable at all times.

  • A custom home allows for extra space and expansion. Do you collect antique cars and need a garage large enough to house and display them? Or perhaps you'd like an additional apartment in your basement to rent out to tenants for extra income? A custom home can easily be planned to accommodate both existing and future needs required for any of your family's hobbies or businesses.

  • A custom-built home requires no initial maintenance. With a custom-built home, everything in your home, from the drywall to the paint to the appliances, is brand-new and in perfect condition. While you can easily design your home with future upgrades and additions in mind, a custom-built home will never require you to touch a single tool until you want to.

  • A custom-built home maintains its resale value. Many new custom-built homes are in areas controlled by homeowners associations, so your new home is nearly guaranteed to hold onto its current value when new, at the very least.

    The most important benefit that comes with a custom-built home is not anything that you can place a number or exact value on - it's the feeling of knowing that you are living in the exact home that you imagined, your dream home. If you are looking for Bonita Springs home builders with both experience in and passion for the industry, speak with the experts at Harden Custom Homes and start envisioning yourself living in the home of your dreams today. Call us today at 239.230.9831.