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2020 Promises a Very Active Hurricane Season for Florida
By Harden Custom Homes 06 Apr 2020
As if we aren't being hit hard enough with the Coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic watching Florida shutting down in fear of becoming the next United States hot spot, now the news and meteorologists have hit us all with the good news that 2020 promises to be a very active hurricane...
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Custom Home Builder Design Trends 2016
By Harden Custom Homes 26 Sep 2016
As a custom home builder in southwest Florida, we always have our finger on the design pulse. This year, 2016, there are some really unique and interesting design trends on the forefront.Black and bronze stainless steel appliances are hot right now! The “normal” shiny...
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Tips on Selecting Your Kitchen Cabinets
By Harden Custom Homes 04 May 2016
What do you first notice when you enter a kitchen? Did you answer cabinets? If so, then you are in the majority since cabinets set the stage in the kitchen. They determine the “mood” for your kitchen more than the countertop, appliances or even the floor can achieve. ...
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Types of Lighting
By Harden Custom Homes 02 Feb 2016
Modern technology has made the options for the types of lighting sources in your new custom home immense.  There are so many different ways to illuminate your home that the inventors of the light bulb never imagined more than a century ago.  Each style of illumination p...
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Unusual Rooms for a Custom Home
By Harden Custom Homes 29 Jan 2016
Most home designs include the standard rooms we’re all familiar with: family room, bedrooms, kitchen, maybe a study.  And most home designs are built up out of these standard rooms.  A home will have two, three, or four bedrooms and a family room, or some combinat...
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Tips for a Custom Home
By Harden Custom Homes 19 Jan 2016
When you’re designing a new custom home, there are a lot of decisions that you will have to make, including the layout, the type of structure, and the builder who builds it.  There are a lot of things you’ll have to consider, and it can be quite a lot to think ab...
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Drywall versus Plaster
By Harden Custom Homes 10 Jan 2016
In most homes built today, the interior walls are made of drywall, an easy to install, repair and finish material that has become ubiquitous in home construction.  However, for thousands of years before that, people have been finishing their walls with plaster.  Traditi...
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Pros and Cons of Having a Fireplace
By Harden Custom Homes 03 Jan 2016
Since human beings first harnessed fire, the hearth has been a symbol of comfort and safety.  Our ancient ancestors gathered around a fire where they cooked food and likely told stories and laughed.  Hearths and fireplaces have been a common feature of homes until only ...
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