Let’s Talk Resale Value - Harden Custom Home vs Older Already Existing Models
By Harden Custom Homes 21 Apr 2020

We, of course, want our custom home to suit our lifestyle. That is the very point of building rather than just picking a house that exists already and buying it. When deciding on what to include it can be to your benefit to take a look at what homes sell well in your area and what they have that makes them special. Taking into account ideas that boost resale value may serve you in the long run.

Let’s take a look at the desirable list as to what has been proven to sell even in a down market.

Bedrooms: The hands-down number one deciding factor is and always will be the number of bedrooms. It is the first sorting option everyone looks at when trying to find their new home. 3 bedroom homes and upwards sell first.

Lot Size: Larger lots sell first. People want a yard. Two homes right in the same neighborhood, the larger lot always sells first, price regardless.

Storage: Not only does closet space count, but attic area, garage, and pantries all count. Buyers desire storage and if it isn't there, they likely aren't interested.

Location: Desirable neighborhoods include good schools, shopping areas, and hospitals. A nice neighborhood is far easier to resell than that in a questionable or rural one.

Age/Warranty: HVAC, roof, water heater, all appliances, and even the home itself. The older the home and appliances in it the greater the chance the new buyer will have to repair or replace and that can get expensive fast. For this reason, alone many buyers prefer newer homes that were built custom for the seller. No one wants to accidentally acquire a money pit.

Upgrades Count: Your home doesn't have to be a mansion to be sought after. Smaller homes with beautiful inclusions are what are known as jewel boxes. Upgraded tile, flooring, crown molding, granite countertops and baths, high-end lighting, dimmers, textiles on the walls, rich carpeting, it all counts towards the inner visual appeal and value so it can pay not to skimp and really enjoy your choices. 

Curb Appeal: A well-designed landscape can steal the show on any block. Initial investment and some upkeep can net you a big chunk of cash in the long run and in the meantime it sure doesn't hurt to have the prettiest yard on the block!

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