By Harden Custom Homes 29 Oct 2018

Future needs are a wonderful thing to consider when building your new dream home. If you are like most of the population in their 30’s to 50’s you have aging parents. There may come a time when your mom or dad or both may no longer be able to live on their own, in their own home unassisted.

This is often a difficult time, especially if you simply do not have space for another person in your house. Options become limited to hiring an in-home nurse or sending your loved ones off to an assisted living facility or nursing home. These are both expensive and impersonal options. When thought of ahead of time, there is a much more personal and cost-effective choice. Building a “mother in law suite” as part of your home.

In law suites are multi-functional extra rooms that are often placed and build off the regular home. They are often used in courtyard style homes where the space is almost like a small apartment in and of itself. They can also be attached via a breezeway/walkway or simply an extra additional guest room if so chosen.

Having the space to do this can save you and or your parents hundreds if not thousands of dollars a month all while keeping them close and allowing them to feel safe in the comfort of your/their own home.

This space is in no way wasted in the meantime. These suites are ideal for visiting guests as well as for use as home offices, reading rooms, or hobby areas. If you have kids they are a great mini getaway where you can relax in peace and quiet, if only for a brief reprieve.

By having a separate suite both the family and the in-laws retain their own privacy while making things more convenient.

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