By Harden Custom Homes 05 Oct 2018

When a family has children, often all of the bedrooms are claimed. There is no “extra” room. But once kids get older and move out of the home, or if you are a family who did not have kids or single, then you may very well end up with blank space. Why waste it with clutter and the very occasional guest?

Here are some ideas to get your imagination going and make more use of the space you have.

Media Room

Creating a media room makes for an interesting way to keep electronics out of the living room, hidden away, much neater, and allows for a conversation and relaxation area to be the counterpoint of the home rather than TV’s and Stereo systems. If the media room is tucked away the viewers experience fewer interruptions as well which makes for a better viewing and listening experience.

Massage room/Gym

Add a treadmill or other machines, yoga mats, exercise balls, weights, and even a massage table. This can be your health-oriented home oasis.

A Reading Room

Despite the digital age many people still love good old fashioned paper books. A quiet place for reading, especially if you don’t have a dedicated media room, is wonderful and relaxing to have.
If you have an extensive collection of books the neatly organized storage is helpful as well. Toss in a nice coffee table and a few overstuffed comfortable chairs or chaise lounges and voila! It can also double as a homework studio.

Game Room/At Home Bar

Is the room large enough to install a pool table? Having a space dedicated to fun and entertainment is every adult child’s dream. Invite your friends on over, there is no need to go out and spend extra money. You can have just as good of a time right at home.

Dedicated Home Office

If you work at home and dedicate a space to it you can write it off on your tax return. This is a financially smart use of space plus elements the distraction and need to drive to an office.

Guest Room

This is by far the most traditional option. It’s a great one to have. Out of town friends and relatives no longer need to find a close by hotel in order to visit you. It also makes the visit more personal by having everyone under the same roof, eliminating wasted driving time.

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