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Tricks and Tips for Owners and Tenants
By Harden Custom Homes 05 Oct 2018
When a family has children, often all of the bedrooms are claimed. There is no “extra” room. But once kids get older and move out of the home, or if you are a family who did not have kids or single, then you may very well end up with blank space. Why waste it with clu...
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Tips for Selling Your Custom-Built Home in Southwest Florida
By Harden Custom Homes 24 Sep 2018
So, you built a custom home and due to changes in life you are ready to move on. The question becomes is it harder or easier to sell a custom home vs a ready-made to plan home?The answer is a resounding “easier”. Why? Because your home stands out on the market of many...
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Master Bedroom Design Choices When Building in Southwest Florida
By Harden Custom Homes 16 Sep 2018
Let’s face it, second only to the kitchen your bedroom is the most important place in your home. It's your sanctuary where you can relax, unwind, and slumber in peace away from the ringing phone, beeping text messages, and the stress of the day.The Master bedroom needs ...
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Choosing the Right Cabinetry For Your Kitchen
By Harden Custom Homes 12 Sep 2018
Let’s face it we can design living room after living room, lanais, great rooms, you name it, where everyone gathers is in the kitchen. When a kitchen isn’t designed well that can lead to problems – overcrowding, guests in your way while you are trying to cook or...
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Why Build a Custom Home Here in Southwest Florida?
By Harden Custom Homes 05 Sep 2018
With so many homes for sale here in Southwest Florida, you may wonder what is the advantage to building a custom home. Wouldn’t it just be quicker and easier to pick one that already exists, buy it, close, and move right on in?That answer isn’t the same for everyone, ...
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Seamless Technology Integration
By Harden Custom Homes 21 Aug 2018
It’s really quite amazing to sit back and really look at how far technology has come and just how good we really have it. Our parents had televisions in black and white with no remote. There were no Blu Ray players or even DVD. 8MM at home cameras were all the rage which yo...
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Explore the Benefits of Building a Custom Home in Florida
By Harden Custom Homes 19 Aug 2018
If you have reached the point in your life where you are ready to buy or build a new home you are at a very exciting time. Its important not to let the excitement run away with you because there are a lot of decisions that go with this. The biggest initial decision is - do y...
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Hottest Upgrades and Options for Building in Southwest Florida
By Harden Custom Homes 08 Aug 2018
Looking to build your new home here in Southwest Florida? Take a look at whats trending right now as far as upgrades, options and even customizations! Harden Custom Homes loves bright new ideas and remains on the cutting edge of classic home building.1. Navy Blue is the new black...
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Build Your Home Here in Southwest Florida! Remember Playing with Building Blocks as a Kid?
By Harden Custom Homes 01 Aug 2018
It was fun to create your own buildings, cities, and homes with building blocks. You started with a blank slate and built anything you wanted. Your imagination got to run wild. Building a custom home is the adult version.Your lot of land is your blank slate. Your building blocks ...
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Choosing Between Porcelain, Stone, and Ceramic Tile - What's the Deciding Factor?
By Harden Custom Homes 11 Jul 2018
When designing a home you have a ton of decisions that need to be made regarding finishes and materials that are to be used throughout your new home. One such important decision is in regard to the tile in your home, especially the tiling that is featured in your foyer, kitchen, ...
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