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Choosing the Best Vanity Layout for Your New Southwest Florida Master Bath
By Harden Custom Homes 09 Sep 2019
Second only to the kitchen clients rank the master bath as the most important room in their home when it comes to design. The master bath is where we unwind and pamper ourselves after long hard days at work or running errands. Or where we take a hot shower and wake up in the morn...
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Southwest Florida In Home Offices - A Built-In Tax Write Off
By Harden Custom Homes 04 Sep 2019
If you work at home and have a designated office space within that home according to US Tax Law you are entitled to a deduction. The rule is, if your office space occupies 20% of the home, you can deduct 20% of your bills for utilities, homeowners insurance, homeowners associatio...
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What Features Does YOUR Southwest Florida Dream Home Include?
By Harden Custom Homes 22 Aug 2019
If you are considering building right here in Southwest Florida chances are you have already been daydreaming about what you would include in your fantasy home if money was no object. The beauty of working with a custom builder who has been in the industry for decades is that som...
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Add Back-to-school Features to Your New Home
By Harden Custom Homes 31 Jul 2019
The kids are almost back to school and, consequently, your daily routine will change. Gone are the days of relaxing and going to the pool with the kids. Now, it is time to organize and focus on their school days. While building your custom home, you have the flexibility to add fe...
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Designing the Lighting in Your New Home
By Harden Custom Homes 03 Jul 2019
Lighting is one of the most important things to think about for the design of your new home, but it is also the thing people often spend the least amount of time considering.  A good or bad lighting design can be the difference between whether or not a home office is a produ...
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Types of Windows
By Harden Custom Homes 12 Jun 2019
Among the many features of your new custom home you will want to consider, the windows might be forgotten. But don’t forget about choosing the kinds of windows you want. Every home will have different needs and different design considerations, and the windows will play an i...
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How to choose lighting - BATHROOM
By Harden Custom Homes 31 May 2019
 How to choose bathroom-safe lighting - Bathrooms are the most humid rooms in our homes. So you need to make sure you use the right water-resistant light fixtures for all your bathroom lighting. This guide shows you how bathrooms are divided into different safety zones,...
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Tips for Designing a Great Closet
By Harden Custom Homes 22 May 2019
When looking at new homes or even when designing a home, closets are often overlooked.  Nevertheless, these are often the spaces in which we begin and end every day, so the design and function of the closet can impact the entire day.  Your mornings can be a lot less fru...
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Marco Island New Home Builds
By Harden Custom Homes 17 May 2019
If you desire a home close to the beaches and the Gulf of Mexico, then Marco Island, Florida is the perfect location. The largest of the barrier islands that compose the Ten Thousand Islands, Marco Island is a draw for the young and old. With the multitude of activities on the is...
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Benefits of Building a Stilt Home
By Harden Custom Homes 08 May 2019
Around Southwest Florida you see a lot of houses built off the ground, supported by stilts. Stilt houses are very common in most coastal and subtropical regions like Florida. Some of the benefits are opening up the view, giving stability on unstable land, protecting against flood...
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