Types of Windows
By Harden Custom Homes 12 Jun 2019

Among the many features of your new custom home you will want to consider, the windows might be forgotten. But don’t forget about choosing the kinds of windows you want. Every home will have different needs and different design considerations, and the windows will play an important role in all of that. The right windows will let in just the right amount of light, or offer ventilation or a comforting cross-breeze. Here are a few different window styles that you might want to consider when you’re designing your new custom home. 

Casement and Awning Windows These styles of windows are installed in a “case” or box, with one hinged side that allows the window to open by pivoting on that hinge. Casement windows are generally hinged on one side, while awning windows are hinged on the top so that the window can open out like an awning. 

Single- or Double-Hung Windows Hung windows are mobile panes that can slide up or down on tracks. Single-hung windows are when only one of the panes will slide, generally the bottom one, while double-hung windows are when both top and bottom panes can move. 

Gliding Windows Gliding windows also slide, but they do so horizontally rather than vertically. Often both sides can be moved, which gives great versatility to how the window can be opened. 

Picture Windows Unlike the previous window types, picture windows do not open, but only provide a clear view outside. Because they do not require hinges or rails, they can often be installed more cleanly, giving a clear, unobstructed view. Additionally, picture windows can have various shapes: for example, they could be curved or square, or what are called “Radius Windows,” where the bottom is square, but the top is arched. 

Bay or Bow Windows Bay Windows, also called Bow Windows, are a set of windows that thrust out of the side of the house. Generally they are made up of three windows (more for Bow Windows) that “bow” out from the side of the house, creating a box. On the inside, people will put a shelf or a bench in the created space, and generally the windows are large and allow quite a bit of light. This list of window types is by no means exhaustive. You may want to consult with an expert when selecting the windows for your new home. Be sure to call the experienced home builders at Harden Custom Homes at (239) 205-5075.