Southwest Florida In Home Offices - A Built-In Tax Write Off
By Harden Custom Homes 04 Sep 2019

If you work at home and have a designated office space within that home according to US Tax Law you are entitled to a deduction. The rule is, if your office space occupies 20% of the home, you can deduct 20% of your bills for utilities, homeowners insurance, homeowners association fees, security, and repairs as well as maintenance. Property taxes and Mortgage interest are deductible expenses if you qualify for home office deductions.

Making your home design really work for you is what it’s all about. A home office should not be an afterthought, a desk tossed in the guest room. While it may very well, at times, serve a dual purpose, designing your workspace around the way you work is important.

Deciding on the placement of the office is a great first step. Consider the hours you work, if you make calls, listen to music, or have other distracting things going on. If you work early or late hours and are married you may want to separate out the bedroom from the office so as not to disturb your spouse.

Your view is also a consideration. Working from home you likely still work a 40 hour work week, if not more. Your window on the world should be soothing, not a view of your neighbor’s wall or bathroom window.

Space and design - Do you contain yourself to just the computer? Will you need a printer/fax or other office equipment? File cabinets, storage, or other specialized areas created? making sure that you have adequate space to work will help you be content in your office. Decide on what kind of desk you will have as well as the chair, and if you will need additional seating for clients as well. All of it plays into the spacial design.

Lighting your home office properly can help productivity and mood. Brightly lit fluorescent fixtures are harsh and can actually lead to headaches. they are used in industrial applications because they are more economical when left on all day long in large rooms. Flipping them on and off shortens the life of the bulbs as they are rated by the number of starts. Choose incandescent lighting that is omnidirectional (a ceiling light) as well as a reading lamp that is eye level to help focus on print. Dimmer switches can be added to both for optimal light levels at all times of the day. And of course, natural light is always welcome, windows can help make a room.

Working from home is becoming increasingly popular as it lowers a companies direct overhead. If you would like to incorporate a home office into the design of your new home, be sure to take all your needs into account.

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