What Features Does YOUR Southwest Florida Dream Home Include?
By Harden Custom Homes 22 Aug 2019

If you are considering building right here in Southwest Florida chances are you have already been daydreaming about what you would include in your fantasy home if money was no object.

The beauty of working with a custom builder who has been in the industry for decades is that sometimes, just sometimes, they have established the right set of connections that can make your dreams affordable and still within budgetary reach.

Harden Custom Homes has become well known for this over the years. That is why when you come in to begin planning out your new home before the ground is even broken, we like to sit down face to face with you and listen to how you live and what you ideally would like included.

We can start with the base of a pre-made design and modify it to fit your personal standards. This saves a ton of time and money right off the bat. Our architects are easily able to adapt any plan to be built your way rather than wasting time and funds beginning from scratch.

Some of the more popular requests we get include - a larger master bedroom, vaulted ceilings, bay windows, customized kitchen islands, upgraded pool, and lanai areas, extra landscaping, additional room add on’s - studies, dens, man caves (and these days She caves too), and even mother-in-law suites. We often change out the cabinetry, decide on lighting upgrades, as well as switching flooring and countertop materials to higher-end finishes.

We have even added in doggie doors, playrooms, game rooms, entertainment areas, back yard tiki bars, swings, and secret passageways… This is YOUR home after all. If it is within our capabilities to build it for you, we will.

Here in Florida, those who choose to build their own homes live in them on average from 13 to 15 years before selling to upgrade again or moving for another reason. That is a long time making it vital that you adore what you build.

We would love to talk to you while you are in the idea phase. Give Harden Custom Homes a call today at (239) 205-5075 or visit our online gallery of homes at www.hardencustomhomes.com. Please feel free to stop by our Corporate Showroom located at 5782 Enterprise Pkwy Fort Myers, FL 33905.

We look forward to being your builder!