Choosing the Best Vanity Layout for Your New Southwest Florida Master Bath
By Harden Custom Homes 09 Sep 2019

Second only to the kitchen clients rank the master bath as the most important room in their home when it comes to design. The master bath is where we unwind and pamper ourselves after long hard days at work or running errands. Or where we take a hot shower and wake up in the morning, preparing ourselves for the day ahead. Its a sacred space where we get some much needed alone time.

All the details add up to the big picture. Making sure to select each item carefully and with thought is important. It’s not as overwhelming a task as you might think, creating your ideal bath should be fun.

At Harden Custom Homes we design baths to maximize the space you build and create a comfortable workable environment suited to your lifestyle and needs. The vanity is one of the main areas where you spend time in the master bath.

Let’s take a look at a few options.

This area needs to be versatile. The vanity is used in so many ways - applying make up, shaving, hair styling, checking out your reflection in a new outfit, brushing your teeth and much more its important that you have enough space and that they lighting and layout work with your habits.

Style of course is a consideration - modern, contemporary, traditional, transitional, victorian… the list goes on but within the style chosen, it gets slightly more basic. The first question is single or double sink? It can be tempting to choose single but what if your life changes and you suddenly have a second person sharing that bath with you? Will there be enough room for two or will you be in each other’s way? If you can swing it space wise, a double sink is always nice to have.

Storage is often over looked. Some of the more modern designs don't have a cabinet underneath. Consider where you will store towels, paper supplies, toiletries, makeup, and more. The vanity is a great place to hide things as well as adding additional closets or shelving in the room.

The mirror. will it be a wall mounted sheet going across the entire length of the vanity or a smaller framed version for each sink?

Some vanities separate out a small setting table for doing make up where you can have a small stool tucked underneath to sit down. This is also a possibility when doing a wide vanity, one sink and a setting area.

Lighting is vital. You have to be able to see to shave properly and applying make up gets tricky if not properly lit. Above head lights alone cast shadows and fluorescent lights make you look aged and washed out. If possible add some incandescent wall sconces for face hight light that is omni-directional. Pendant lighting that hangs is also wonderful to accomplish this. Another suggestion would be to install a lit wall mounted makeup mirror.

The beauty of customizing your own home is that you end up with exactly what you want, not what someone else has already lived in and decided wasn’t quite right for them any longer.

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