Tips for Designing a Great Closet
By Harden Custom Homes 22 May 2019

When looking at new homes or even when designing a home, closets are often overlooked.  Nevertheless, these are often the spaces in which we begin and end every day, so the design and function of the closet can impact the entire day.  Your mornings can be a lot less frusterating if you just had a closet that had everything you need to stay organized. As we get older and collect more and more stuff for hobbies, for new careers, and accumulate clothes for every occasion, the closet becomes more and more integral to our lives.  For all of these reasons, it’s very important to carefully consider the design of your closets and not simply leave them to fill up whatever space happens to be left over.  Here are a few things to think about for your own closet design in your new custom home.


Shelves are often overlooked when thinking about the closet, but remember that there are many things you will want to store that can’t be hung.  Shelves can be used for many different items, from shoes to folded sweaters to objects from your favorite hobby.  Be sure to plan ahead and design for differently sized shelves to accommodate different kinds of things.  Certain shoes might need higher shelves than other items.  Instead of shelves, also consider drawers, as these can sometimes look neater than shelves, depending on what is being stored.  Some people prefer see-through drawer fronts so that they can identify what is inside each drawer with a quick scan.

Bench and Mirror

The closet it generally the place where people select their outfits for the day, so be sure to design with this in mind.  Consider whether there should be a place for a mirror, and consider installing or making space for a bench where you can sit and put on your shoes.  The mirror will likely need to be full-length so that you can see your entire outfit when you put it on.

Place for Accessories

Getting dressed in the morning entails more than just clothes, so be sure to plan for storage and access to accessories that help complete an outfit.  Because these are often finishing touches, storing them close to the mirror can be handy, so consider where you might prefer them in your design.


Getting dressed and checking the mirror also requires good lighting, so be sure to plan the closet design with good lighting in mind.  Make sure the light is centered and doesn’t leave any dark corners where it’s difficult to see the color of the thing you’re trying to retrieve.  Definitely be sure not to leave the mirror in a shadow.


Not every closet will be used for getting dressed in the morning, so be sure to consider the needs and use of closets in other rooms, such as in a home office or study, the pantry in the kitchen, and even an outdoor storage area for pool toys and equipment.  Consider what kinds of things will be kept in the closet and how they will be arranged.  Will shelves block tall objects from being stored?  Is a wider closet better for laying things out, or should they stand up? 

There are many questions to ask when thinking about the design of a storage closet. As you work through designing your closet and the rest of the floorplan of your new custom home, be sure to find a builder who is experienced with building new custom homes.  Harden Custom Homes is just such a builder.  Contact us today at (239) 205-5075.