Florida Home Building Trends for 2020
By Harden Custom Homes 13 Mar 2020

2020 is already underway, and here at Harden Custom Homes, we're very excited about the trends that we've been incorporating this year in our custom-designed homes. While of course, some trends are fly by night, others are here to stay. It’s those we are choosing to take a closer look at today to give you some fresh new ideas if you are considering building.

TOP DESIGN TRENDS IN 2020 - What will you include in your new Harden Custom Home?

Green Home Building - Environmentally conscious designs also known as Eco-Homes area a low impact home designed including technology and materials that reduce the carbon footprint while lowering energy needs. These designs include:

  1. A window to wall ratio of less than 30% 
  2. Energy-efficient heating and cooling capabilities
  3. Ventilation
  4. Water efficiency appliances, lighting fixtures, low flow toilets, and showerheads
  5. Maximum efficiency insulation
  6. Tight construction, all openings are sealed

High Ceilings - High ceilings are wonderful for creating an optical illusion and a feeling of openness making space feel bigger than it even is. 

Open Floor Plans – Open floor plans eliminate that choppy feel where a large home feels like many small spaces. Open floor plans often mean that the living room or family room, dining area and kitchen space are all blended together creating one massive open space.

Versatility - This is also sometimes referred to as “flex space”. These rooms can be multipurpose depending on the changing needs of the homeowner. Extra space can be a child’s room and eventually be turned into a home office or even a gym or game room.

Relaxation Space - Only in recent years has this trend made a comeback. Homes of the past used to have parlors. A space to lounge, read, meditate, play music, and even entertain. Modern-day parlors have been called Zen Dens. It is simply a space to get away from it all. This space is often separated into the floor plan from the main area. Some people choose to actually soundproof their zen dens which are a particularly good idea if you have children or anyone in the family that plays a musical instrumenting as it can be the ideal space to practice while not bothering anyone else in the home.

The beauty of building custom is not just that everything in the house is new and under warranty, it’s that it becomes truly a reflection of you, your family, and how you live.

At Harden Custom Homes we aren't like every other builder. We sit down and talk to you about how you live, what you need, and your visual aesthetic.

Ready to visualize with us?

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