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To Hallway or Not to Hallway
By Harden Custom Homes 16 Apr 2016
When designing your new custom home, you will want to consider where and how and whether to include hallways as connecting spaces between rooms.  Generally, there are two options for a hallway: to embrace it or to forego it.  Many homes with open floorplans try to reduc...
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Bathtub versus Shower Stall
By Harden Custom Homes 08 Apr 2016
Whether or not you want to put a bathtub or shower stall in your bathroom will basically boil down to a personal preference.  Some people prefer the ease and simplicity of a shower stall, while others enjoy the romantic atmosphere of a hot bath.  However, there are othe...
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Designing the Laundry Room?
By Harden Custom Homes 01 Apr 2016
Small, purely functional spaces in the home such as laundry rooms rarely get any extensive design treatment.  However, even utilitarian spaces can benefit from careful consideration of how the space is laid out and planned in the design stage of a new custom home constructio...
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Designing the Patio
By Harden Custom Homes 20 Mar 2016
Another very important aspect of your new custom home that you will want to think about when you put together the design is the patio.  Patios can be seen as extensions of the indoor space of the home, a kind of threshold between inside and outside, where people can socializ...
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Florida Home Design
By Harden Custom Homes 13 Mar 2016
Florida is unique among the 50 states of the United States, with its tropical climate and landscape, and because of this, when people build their homes in Florida, they often want to capture some of that uniqueness, to incorporate ideas and plans into their home design that are u...
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Pool Design Features
By Harden Custom Homes 06 Mar 2016
The elaborate designs of resort and hotel pools have had a large impact on the design of residential pools, which have become more and more elaborate and exotic over the years.  If you decide to include an in-ground pool as part of the construction of your new custom home, h...
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Benefits of Designing Your Own Home
By Harden Custom Homes 25 Feb 2016
When for whatever reason you’re ready to go out and get a new home for you and your family, there are so many options available to you.  But one thing that many people forget to consider is the option to design and build your own new home.  There are many benefits...
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Designing Your Driveway
By Harden Custom Homes 18 Feb 2016
Your driveway can be much more than where you park your car, but it’s very important that you consider how it works just as much, if not more, than how it looks.  However, you can still create a pleasing driveway while still making sure it provides its main function of...
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Home Design for Disability Access
By Harden Custom Homes 09 Feb 2016
There are many standards in home construction that people usually take for granted and don’t think about.  Unfortunately, some of those standards, like the height of light switches, can make it difficult for a person with a disability to move comfortably through a hous...
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Types of Lighting
By Harden Custom Homes 02 Feb 2016
Modern technology has made the options for the types of lighting sources in your new custom home immense.  There are so many different ways to illuminate your home that the inventors of the light bulb never imagined more than a century ago.  Each style of illumination p...
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