Design Ideas for a Bedroom Retreat
By Harden Custom Homes 29 Mar 2019

With so many homes being built with open floor plans that help promote a communal space for all the family to gather and be together, many people are looking to create a private retreat in their bedroom.  Entertainment has moved into bedrooms, with each bedroom having a TV and internet access.  The incorporation of a private bathroom/on-suite into the master bedroom is an important aspect to consider as well..  Because of these trends, the role of the bedroom as a private retreat is changing the ways people think about design and layout for the bedroom.  Here are a few things to think about when designing your own bedroom retreat.

The Bed

The bed is what the bedroom is named after and usually requires a certain prominence in a bedroom design and layout.  It’s probably a good idea to decide where the bed will be first and design the rest of the layout based on that.  Consider how the bed will be used: will you sit in bed and drink a bit of coffee before getting up?  Will you read in bed before going to sleep?  Questions about how the bed will be used can help you determine what kinds of things you want around the bed and access to from the bed.

Also, consider the ambiance for the bed.  You may want to position the bed near a window or away from the window depending on your preference.  Because the layout of the bedroom will mostly determine where the bed will go, it will be hard to change your mind and put the bed somewhere else after the house is built.  You may want the bed under a big window that looks out on the landscape, or you might want it across from glass doors leading onto the pool deck.


Because bedroom retreats are often a place for personal media and entertainment, it’s important to consider what kinds of media you will want in the bedroom and how you will consume it.  Do you prefer to watch TV in bed, or would you want to make space for a recliner or loveseat?  What arrangement and sight-lines will you need to make your viewing most comfortable?

Some people insist on keeping media out of the bedroom so that it remains a peaceful “retreat” from such intrusions.  If you want to keep your bedroom free of media and distractions, this is something to consider in your design and layout.  What elements can you introduce into your bedroom to make it more restful?  Big windows that allow in more natural light, and even carefully placed mirrors to open up the space and reflect the natural light can help make you feel at peace.  If you have a good view into the yard or surrounding landscape, these bigger windows can help you relax once you move in.

Other Furniture

Be sure to consider how nightstands, vanities, dressers, and additional seating will fit into your layout.  If you enjoy reading before bed, but not in bed, consider adding a corner where you can put a reading chair.  You may want to plan where the vanity will go and how you will access it.  Consider your traffic pattern: how will you move between the bed, the bathroom, and the closet or dresser?  Some people will include a desk or an extra couch or loveseat in the bedroom for further relaxation.  It’s important to consider the function any of this furniture will serve and to carefully reserve the bedroom for relaxation rather than work.  It’s also important if you share the bedroom to consider both partners’ needs and interests.


One very interesting development in designing the bedroom retreat is the incorporation of the bathroom.  Bathrooms used to be separate rooms from the bedroom, but those walls are beginning to go away.  Tubs and showers are getting a more prominent position, letting people relax in the bath with open views of the yard or landscape.  As the bedroom becomes more of a retreat, the bathroom is being more and more incorporated into that retreat.  So when you’re designing the layout of your bedroom, be sure to consider how the bath and shower will fit in with it.

The bedroom is the most private room of the house, and should be the most comfortable.  It should be relaxing and give you space to unwind and release the cares of the day.  To this end, it’s very important to consider the design and layout of the bedroom when you’re building a new custom house.  At Harden Custom Homes, we can help you with all aspects of design and building your new custom home, so be sure to call us today at (239) 205.5075.