Backyard Pools: Pros and Cons
By Harden Custom Homes 11 Mar 2019

When beginning to plan your custom Florida home, one of the biggest questions you'll ask yourself is whether or not to add a pool - after all, adding a pool during initial construction can save you a lot of money further on down the road if you decide to add one later. And while, with a home in Southwest Florida, you may be asking yourself instead how anyone could choose not to have a pool, there are some very important considerations to be made before making any final decisions.

Pool Pros

  • Easier to stay active. It's easy to get outside and stay active when you've got the perfect excuse in your own backyard. In addition to providing leisurely activities, a home pool is the perfect environment for swimming laps on a daily basis, or for doing other low-impact exercises that are perfect for seniors with sensitive joints or for athletes recovering from injury.
  • Keep the family entertained. No longer does the family have to wonder about what to do next time you're all bored on a Saturday afternoon. With a pool in your backyard, you've got the perfect opportunity to entertain groups of all sizes, any day of the week.
  • Attract visitors and guests. If you spent your childhood in a home without a pool, chances are good you knew the locations of all the homes in your neighborhood that did. Everyone knows which families have pools and people of all ages, though small children especially, tend to gravitate towards them. With a pool of your very own you no longer have to envy those families, you are one of them.
  • Increase your home's resale value. While most homeowners aren't necessarily thinking about their home's resale value before construction has even been completed, this can be an important consideration if a future relocation is a possibility. The addition of a pool instantly increases the value of a home, and while they do create additional costs in the beginning, homeowners will usually find that these investments are well worth it later on.

Pool Cons

  • Expensive initially. Depending on the location and the complexity of the construction, a pool can cost you tens of thousands of dollars and leave you without a functional backyard for many months at a time. The great thing about a custom or semi-custom home with a pool, however, is that all the dirty work is done for you prior to move-in, and your pool is ready for you the moment you move in.
  • Additional costs over time. While having a pool at home will save you money on public pool memberships and fees, unfortunately, a backyard pool does come with some ongoing costs if you plan to make the most of it. These costs can be on items as small as toys and floating rafts for the kids, to items as large as pool covers, cages, and patio furniture.
  • Accident liability. Being the "cool house" in the neighborhood comes with its own set of risks, especially when you consider that drowning is the leading cause of death for children between the ages of 1 and 4. Having such an attraction for small children in your own backyard requires that you take extra safety precautions to ensure that your outdoor space is equipped with the right safety features. And you may want to consider adjusting your homeowner's insurance to cover accidents on your property just in case.
  • Required maintenance. Swimming pools contain a delicate balance of chemicals in order to keep them clean, and must be checked and maintained on a daily basis whenever in regular use. If money isn't a concern, outside pool services are readily available throughout Southwest Florida, for those looking for a more hands-free approach. If money is a concern, or if you prefer to handle home projects and care yourself, consider whether or not you truly have the time to invest in keeping your pool clean and usable year round.

If you are unsure whether or not a backyard pool is the right decision for your custom home design, speak with the professionals at Harden Custom Homes by calling us today at (239) 205.5075. Many of our current standard home models come equipped with pools and other outdoor spaces, but as always, we are generally more than happy to accommodate any special needs or personal tastes.