5 Popular Kitchen Countertops for New Home Builds
By Harden Custom Homes 10 Jul 2016

Where does everyone tend to gather in the house? The kitchen. That is why you should place importance in not only the layout of the kitchen, but also the finishes. Aside from the cabinets, the other element that most people notice are the kitchen countertops. When it comes to selection for your kitchen counter tops, you have a large variety of materials to choose from. The top five most popular countertops are the following:

  • Granite: the beauty of granite comes from its natural properties. The striations, movement and color range make this natural product a very popular choice. Due to it being a natural substance, the slabs can vary greatly, so going to the granite yard to make your selection is important. If granite is properly sealed, it can last a long time.
  • Quartz: this countertop is a man-made mixture of natural quartz, pigments, resins and polymers. The combination of these materials creates a very durable substance making them heat, scratch and stain resistant. Since quartz is not a porous material like granite, it perfect for those who like to cook since the surface will not absorb bacteria. Since this countertop is engineered, the color is consistent across the board. You can find many color varieties with quartz countertop offerings, making it easy to coordinate it to your kitchen theme.
  • Laminate: these kitchen countertops offer many colors and patterns, but they can scratch and damage easily. This option is used for those who are searching for a low cost alternative.
  • Solid Surface: the solid surface countertop is a man-made material that is very durable. Homeowners like the seamlessness and sink integration that solid surface offers. It is not porous, so this is perfect for the cook due to its anti-bacterial properties. The color selection is very consistent for solid surface countertops.
  • Wood: everyone loves the warmth that wood portrays in a home. Wood kitchen countertops invoke a cozy feeling to the room, making this a timeless choice. Unlike the other options, the color of wood rarely goes out of style. If sealed, it can be a sanitary place to prepare your food – even meats. As with any natural material, wood can scratch and dent.

Now that you are aware of the top five most popular kitchen countertops, which one would you pick? What is your style? Do you cook a lot? These are questions that you need to ask yourself before signing off on your selection with your new home build. Call Harden Custom Homes today to discuss your new home plans. We are experts in custom home builds and can help you in selecting the best finishes for your new home, including the kitchen countertops. Call us today at 239-205-5075 or contact us online at HardenCustomHomes.com. We look forward to speaking with you!