How to Choose The Best Windows for Your Home

How to Choose The Best Windows for Your Home

How to Choose The Best Windows for Your Home

Choosing Windows – Who Knew There Were So Many Options?

If you have never built a house before you likely never had to consider window options. You may be surprised to learn just exactly how many different types of windows are available to you to choose from for installation in your new custom home.

Let’s take a look!

Windows allow you to view the world. They keep you safe, and they keep the cold out, the heat out, and hopefully regulate your energy bill from the inside as well. They help to add ambiance to a room by allowing natural light or closing it off for a more secluded feel.

Ask yourself – What types of windows do I really need? Really look at the space. Does a window need to cover an entire wall from floor to ceiling or just a section?

Single Hung  – Single hung windows only open from the bottom. The top is stationary.

Double Hung – These are the traditional first thought of window. It has two sets of sashes that slide vertically. They can open either on top or up from the bottom.

Casement  – Crank operated, they hinge on a right or left corner and open outwards.

Awning – Awnings hinge at the top and angle outwards. They are often grouped with stationary windows that do not open at all and are stationary.

Picture  – Picture windows are window walls. They don’t open. They act like walls, only made of glass for viewing.

Transom  – These are decorative and ornate additions that go above other windows. Made of glass they are not operational and do not open. They are just meant for light and for show.

Slider  – Sliders slide along a track. They are two-sided and only one side can open at a time.

Stationary In Wall  – Much like a Picture window they are part of the wall and only there as a peek hole for viewing. There are no moving parts.

Bay  – Bay windows add depth and area to a room, generally a master bedroom or reading room. They create a bump out in the ceiling and protrude on the exterior of the home. stationary windows are usually included.

Stained Glass – Handcrafted these are original art pieces that can be set into any of the frameworks above.

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