Will You Include a Pool in Your Build?

Will You Include a Pool in Your Build?

Will You Include a Pool in Your Build?

Welcome to summer in Florida! The first word that comes to mind is – HOT! Sure you can hit the beach, but our beaches tend to be crowded, you have to find and pay for parking, as well as cart all of your belongings with you. Coolers, umbrellas, bags, all of it. It is not light nor easy to lug around.


Then there is the back yard pool. Ahhhhh. Totally a different story altogether. You walk out your sliding glass door to your own private back yard where you can lay your towel on a comfortable chaise lounge chair and step right on into the water and cool off. Play your own music without fear of bothering anyone, and feel totally comfortable and unselfconscious in a bathing suit.


Swimming is a universally appealing activity at any age. From young to old, water offers a reprieve from the scorching summer heat while being supportive and easy on the joints if used for exercise and swimming laps. A pool can keep kids busy for hours on end and totally self-entertained.


Having an amazing backyard with a pool can significantly add to the homes future resale value as well as the immediate curb appeal. Adding the pool during the new home construction saves time, often money, and certainly the hassle of having your yard dug up while you are occupying the home.


When planning your backyard, it can range from basic to completely elaborate. Simply the pool itself, in-ground and possibly cement edging to a full surrounding deck, water features, waterfalls, landscaping, gazebos, pool houses and much more.


If you are considering a pool home, custom is the best way to go. Come talk with the experts at Harden Custom Homes and see what we can build for you. Visit www.hardencustomhomes.com or call 239-205-5075.



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