Top Complaints About New Homes – Head Issues off in the Planning Stages!

Top Complaints About New Homes – Head Issues off in the Planning Stages!

Top Complaints About New Homes – Head Issues off in the Planning Stages!

The fact is – you don’t know what you don’t know and you do not have a crystal ball to see into your future. We all work from where we are and what we know. This is when taking cues from previous home buyers and benefiting from their experiences may come in handy.

Here are the top 5 things those who have already built which they could go back and change. Let’s take a look!

#1 Coming in at number one on the list is lack of storage.

While you may think “Eh, just toss it in the garage!” if you plan to park in that garage the majority of the space is already claimed. If building a two car garage, if you do indeed have two cars parked regularly, you will need additional storage space. Sporting goods, packed boxes, hurricane supplies, heirlooms, hobbies, and crafts – your “stuff” adds up!

#2 Upgrade to be efficient 

Many new homeowners think “I’ll just do the upgrades later” to cut down on the upfront bill. The problem is that for most, that day gets pushed off time and time again. Rolling the costs into the initial build almost always end up being more cost and time effective.

#3 Wasted Space

Planning out your living space based on what you use, not what is standard is vital. Where do you spend your time? Do you really need a large foyer or formal dining area? Do you think you will actually use that extra large space consuming garden tub? Maybe you would be better off making a larger living room and a stand-up shower? It all depends on the new owners. Your home should be based on how you live.

#4 Consider family growth over time

Think about how long you will own this home. In that timeframe, will you be having kids? Will you be needing to take care of an elderly parent? Will you often have guests? Cookie cutter plans may not be functional for the way your life unfolds.

#5 Last but most definitely not least – consider carefully your builder of choice!

Make sure you work with a reputable builder with a great track record. Hiring the wrong builder can be a budget-breaking devastating mistake. Harden Custom Homes has an amazing track record and has been building right here in SW Florida for over 40 years.

If you are looking to build, talk with us first. 239-205-5075 we are your source for custom builds in SW Florida!

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