Tiny Home vs. Regular Sized Home

Tiny Home vs. Regular Sized Home

Tiny Home vs. Regular Sized Home

The tiny home trend is sweeping the country. They are cute, sometimes portable, and create an immediate requirement to downsize your belongings. This is very appealing, especially if you are feeling a push to simplify your life or are already a minimalist.

The questions become – is a tiny home really right for my lifestyle and does it financially make sense?

At first glance, it would seem that tiny home building would be significantly less expensive than a tradition home. Unless you are planning on doing the work yourself that isn’t necessarily always the case. Tiny homes come in a hugely varying price range. Most go from a minimum of $5,000 to $40,000 and on up. Customizations quickly add up.

The national average for building a regular house per square foot in 2016 was $125. The per square foot average for tiny homes came in at $266, more than double. This means that your $40,000 tiny home is likely only 150 square feet of living space. That is smaller than most bedrooms.

Customization is a huge draw to the tiny home world.

Many are under the impression that they could never afford a custom home otherwise. This simply isn’t the case. With Harden Custom Homes, our customized homes start at just $225,000. That is a full-size layout, no downsizing needed.

Being able to build a custom home means that if you saw a feature on a tiny home that you happened to love you can work with the designer, builder, and architect to incorporate it.

The decision to build your own home, no matter the size is a big one. It is important to take into consideration where you feel you may be in a few years family wise, work wise and in life. Take inventory of your belongings and see where you are willing and able to cut back and pair down. If you decide on a full sized home talk to us and see what we can create for you.


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