Tile vs Carpet

Tile vs Carpet

Tile vs Carpet


There are many decisions to make when building your new custom home, and a very important one is to determine what kind of floor you’ll be walking on once you’re living in your new home.  There are many choices, but in general the choice usually boils down to the decision between having carpeting or having a hard surface of some kind, such as hardwood or tile.  In this article, we’ll discuss some of the pros and cons that can help in making a decision between carpet and hardwood or tile.

One of the biggest concerns people have when making decisions for their new home is cost.  Although cost should be the last thing you worry about when making decisions for your new home, the reality is that cost is a very important consideration.  Although you could splurge on very expensive, very beautiful carpet, in general, carpet is often the less expensive option.  Nevertheless, there are some surface options that mimic hardwood, stonework, and tile but are much less expensive.  If cost is very important, it’s possible to forego carpet and still achieve a beautiful look at a low cost.  On the other hand, the best hardwoods and tiles will cost a bit more.  Ultimately, although cost is often foremost on people’s minds, it doesn’t need to be the determining factor.  There are many options available to get the look and feel you want even if you don’t want to spend as much for the most expensive option.

Tile flooring is generally the most durable kind of flooring available, with ceramic tile being almost disaster-proof.  Many people choose ceramic tile because of this durability, knowing that it will probably last for the lifetime of the house.  Other kinds of tile are not quite as durable but are still long-lasting.  However, this durability comes at a price: tile is a very hard surface, and standing, walking, and playing on it can be hard on the human body.  Standing on a tile surface for several hours a day can lead to sore feet and aching backs.

Carpet is a much softer surface, and with the cushion of the carpet padding, carpets can be a much more comfortable surface.  There are many plush carpets that can make walking in your bare feet through your new home a delightful experience.  However, a major drawback of carpet is the high commitment to maintenance.  The new, plush carpet will quickly lose its plushness if not properly maintained, and while spills will easily wipe off of tile, stains can easily set in the fibers of a carpet, leaving sometimes permanent discolorations.  Continual cleaning can even leave residue on the carpet that may leave it looking new but not quite feeling new.

The good news is that carpet, being the less expensive option and much easier to install than tile, is easy to replace.  So after a while, you can always bring in new carpet if the old carpet gets worn, or even if you just want a change in décor.  Carpets come in every variety and color and make decorating much easier.  Although tile is available in many styles and colors as well, once you install it, it’s much more difficult and expensive to replace.

People have been moving away from carpet in the past few years, but the ultimate choice in flooring for your new custom home is up to you and your own personal needs.  Although not perhaps the most important decision, it is one of the important decisions to make about your new home, and appropriate care and concern should be put into making it. 

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