When you and your spouse have conflicting styles

When you and your spouse have conflicting styles

When you and your spouse have conflicting styles

Building your dream home is exciting. No more renting or living in someone else’s creation or idea of perfect. But what happens when you build as a couple and you both have different taste?

The worst case scenario is that a power struggle ensues, a battle of wills as to what style of home to build and decorate in. If you are at the point in your relationship where you a building a home together, hopefully you have learned the art of compromise.

Your home should be as unique as you are and reflect both of your personalities.

Start with the basics. 

Functionality is number one when building a home. Ask yourselves, what is important to you, as a couple, that this home must have…

  • Do you need a pool?
  • An in home office?
  • A designated guest room?
  • Mother in law suite?
  • Wine cellar?
  • Large great room?
  • Extra large master bedroom?
  • Dual walk in showers?

The beauty is in the details.

Once the rooms and lay out have been decided, you can move into deciding on the details such as color, textures, accents, lighting, fixtures, floor coverings and more. This is where style really comes into play.

Advice: Try and collect pictures and images of what you ideally would love to have in your home. Both you and your spouse separately. Then take all of the images with you to see the builder and designer. They can help you to successfully create your own merged style you will both ultimately be happy with.

Compromise not working? – How about building a Man Cave in the home or a She Cave. Having your own space to do with as you please could be a solution.

Working with a custom builder you have a lot more leeway than the standard preboxed home. Chat with Harden Custom Homes today and see what we can do for you. Our custom homes start at just $225,000.


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