Are skylights coming back in style?

Are skylights coming back in style?

Are skylights coming back in style?

More and more homeowners when building custom are choosing to add in skylights. Natural light is an incredibly sought after attribute in a home. Natural light is warm, welcoming, inviting, cuts down on energy bills, makes for a great condition in which house plants flourish, and can even help with depression.


Adding skylights to an existing home can prove to be a bit of a difficult chore depending on the original structure. Adding them to the new drawings for a custom built home is a breeze for the architect.


Skylights can be added to any area of the home but are very useful in the kitchen for cooking, in the bedroom to lay and watch the rain or clouds, in kids rooms simply because they tend to love them, dining areas, foyers, lanai areas – all can be customized and added in.


This addition of natural light is also wonderful for the elderly as it can help to reduce trip and fall accidents due to reduced eyesight as we age.


The natural circadian rhythm our bodies use for sleep depend on the dark and light cycles in nature. The more we are exposed to the natural light and dimming of evening, the better and more regulated our sleep cycles become.


Brighten your home, brighten your life. Especially if your home is just in the dream or planning stages it is incredibly easy to talk with your builder or architect and add in as much natural light as possible and skylights are a wonderful, decorative way to do so while adding to your home’s overall value.


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