Seamless Technology Integration

Seamless Technology Integration

Seamless Technology Integration

It’s really quite amazing to sit back and really look at how far technology has come and just how good we really have it. Our parents had televisions in black and white with no remote. There were no Blu Ray players or even DVD. 8MM at home cameras were all the rage which you could project onto a slide out screen or a blank wall. Slides were also popular – still images you could add to a carousel and click through manually. Phones were attached to walls, and you had no idea who was calling until you picked up the receiver.

Times have changed. It’s now 2018 and it is purely fantastical what has been created for us to install and use right in our own homes. Gone are the old clunky television sets with tubes in the back that took up so much space, stereo systems the size of moving boxes no longer clutter our shelves, and computers are so thin they could be mistaken for a school folder.

What this does in the realm of home design is give us more free space and less clutter. It is a beautiful thing. Minimalism is in. Gone are the days of cluttered counter tops and junk drawers. If you don’t need it – ditch it. If you do need it, fit it in a pleasing way into the layout of the home.

Here are some ideas to get you started on your new home plan.

  1. Add a drawer in your kitchen which will act as a charging station so all of your devices can plug in and charge while out of sight. This eliminates pesky wires everywhere.

2.   If you have more than one TV, computer, speaker, and more, let us help you find ways to creatively hide and store these pieces so they don’t clash with the innate beauty of your new home. Our design professionals will work with you from concept to finish to incorporate your gadgetry.

3.   Hide wires by running them through decorative boxes or books on shelves.

4.  Hide printers in drawers of a bureau or desk.

5. Install motorized panels to cover a TV, speakers or gaming system.

6. Install a Lutron whole home automation system so you can control everything, lights included, from one box or remote.

7. Install a TV inside of your kitchen island. It can drop down when not in use giving you ample workspace.

8. Remember the old James Bond movies where there was always a safe behind a painting? You could install a remote move painting in front of a tv – no one would even know its there unless you are watching.

9. Speakers now can be installed in the ceilings and walls at the best angles for sound so there are no cords.

10. Computers can be secured to a flip-up desk much like the old school secretary desks. Simply fold up and it’s in the wall.

It really is amazing what a little ingenuity can do for the look and feel of your home. For more ideas or to discuss your new home build chat with us here at Harden Custom Homes. 239-205-5075 or visit us online

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