Add Back-to-school Features to Your New Home

Add Back-to-school Features to Your New Home

Add Back-to-school Features to Your New Home

The kids have now back to school and, consequently, your daily routine has changed. Gone are the days of relaxing and going to the pool with the kids. Now, it is time to organize and focus on their school days. While building your custom home, you have the flexibility to add features to your new home that will mesh well with an active family.

Features that will make your new home more “school days” friendly:

Mudrooms are perfect for families that are constantly on the go. Typically located at the garage entrance to the home, organize this area so the family can drop their things as they walk in the door. This will keep book bags, shoes, sports gear, and outerwear out of the main living area and out of sight.

Charging station
We all have them. Electronic gadgets and phones that seemingly always need to be charged. Instead of using random places in the house to charge them, create a designated space. A charging station ideally will be out of the way and have space for all gadgets (and cords) to sit. This will eliminate the “where is my phone” while running to work or school.

Learning center
As your child enters higher grade levels, he/she will be given more homework and projects to complete at home. By building a learning center in your home, this will create a space just for those activities. Having a designated area that he/she can focus on studies is important in making the grade at school. Make sure that you have plenty of lighting and the essentials such as paper, pencils, markers, and other school supplies. Build the learning center in an area of your new home that is not too active such as down a hallway or in a loft. This will keep distractions to a minimum.

Building your new home gives you the advantage of being able to add special rooms and areas that are functional for your entire family. Talk with the builder about your family’s lifestyle and how you can incorporate features to make your life a bit easier during the school year.

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