The In’s and Out’s of Choosing Your Home’s New Roof

The In’s and Out’s of Choosing Your Home’s New Roof

The In’s and Out’s of Choosing Your Home’s New Roof

While the majority of homes here in South West Florida are still composite shingles of varied colors from tan or gray to the rusty orange end of the spectrum when building custom all textiles and chosen textures can add to not only the visual appeal but the value of the home.


You do have other choices!

Clay tile adorns a lot of the more southwestern style homes designs. Clay has a very long lifespan though it does require occasional cleaning.  Clay is naturally resistant to insects, mold, rotting and will not burn in our hot Florida summer sun.


Colored clay comes in a crazy array of colors from the more traditional buffs and browns to wild vintage greens and royal Persian blues. These vivid colors will not fade as they are not painted on, they have the pigments baked directly into the fiber of the tile itself. They are glazed as additional protection from the elements, which is especially important here in SW Florida due to our salty-aired corrosive environment.


Clay tiles do add weight to the roof – which needs to be reinforced. Harden Custom Homes takes all of that into consideration during the planning stage.


Concrete Tile these amazing tiles can simulate several other textiles and surfaces including wood which would not stand up to the elements naturally here in our subtropical environment. Concrete tile is low maintenance as well as good at standing up over time. Like clay, they do not rot or mold and insects have no interest in them. They are lighter than slate and less expensive and can give the same appearance. The downside is that they can fade in color over time and are more prone to breakage than clay.


Metal Roofing – While not popular for residential homes in this area, metal is another possibility for a roof covering material. Metal roofs can mimic the look of other materials such as those mentioned above. – Clay tiles, shingles, wooden shakes, even Victorian metal tile. Metal will reflect the sun rather than absorb making cooling more efficient. Metal roofing does tend to be a more expensive option as well, but worth considering in the overall design plan.


Whatever covering you choose Harden Custom Homes will work with you on every design element to make sure you home suits you and your lifestyle needs. Chat with us 239-205-5075.

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