The Psychology Behind Home Building

The Psychology Behind Home Building

The Psychology Behind Home Building

Why do we want our very own home? Better yet, why do we want to build our own home? We look around, there are plenty of houses already constructed and sitting there ready and waiting and on the market, yet there is that yearning… a craving within us to make something from scratch, something of our very own.

Perhaps the classic movie The Wizard of Oz said it best, “There’s no place like home.” Owning your own home offers you the feeling of safety, security, and a feeling of belonging to a community in which you plan to stay and become an intricate part of.

Your home is your safe haven from the world after a hard day. Its where you and your family make memories and where your kids grow up. When you own your own home you do not have to ask permission from nor answer to anyone if you choose to remodel or add on or even do something minor like paint a room.

There is no asking permission if you want to add a pet to the family or breed restrictions to worry about. It’s your home and things can be done your way. This is true right from the start if you are building custom with Harden Custom Homes in Southwest Florida.

We sit down with you and brainstorm – we help you visualize what it is you would ideally like in your dream home and then match that with your budget so that you get the house you want while still living comfortably and not feeling pressured month to month.

Renting is a great choice if you have just moved to an area and really want to get a feel as to where you may or may not eventually want to build and put down roots. Once you know the area and have an idea we can help you find the right plot of land so that your money is put towards an investment in your future rather than just tossed at a landlord or corporation to keep you at status quo for that current month.

Think you can’t afford to build? Think again.

Harden Custom Homes start right at $250,000. According to the National Association of Realtors 2017 in the Fort Myers, Florida area the average income combined for a couple who builds their own home is $75,000. Single males came in at $59,600 and single females building came in at $54,000.

Run some numbers with us here at Harden Custom Homes and see how much you can comfortably afford. You might just be surprised!

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