Porch, Patio, Deck, Veranda, Lanai, or Pergola?

Porch, Patio, Deck, Veranda, Lanai, or Pergola?

Porch, Patio, Deck, Veranda, Lanai, or Pergola?

Whats the difference?

It seems like the words are used interchangeably here in Florida, but there actually are some distinct yet subtle differences.

Porch – The term porch is a fresh air area unenclosed and at the main floor height – an extension of the home living area outside. Porches are usually constructed of wood and in Florida sometimes covered with tile. The word porch is often thought of as a Northern terminology.

Patio – A patio is always just one level that is even with the ground. Construction is generally pavers, brick, stone or concrete.

Deck – Decks can be one, two or even more levels.

Veranda – A Veranda is the same as a deck although usually larger and more expansive. It may wrap around the house and often has a railing. Veranda tends to be used as a term more in the south. Verandas are often thought of as being used for entertaining guests.

Lanai – The term Lana’i is Hawaiian. It is actually an island. When spelled with a lower case L, it means porch. This term is used typically in tropical climates as we have here in Florida. It may be screened in or have sliding glass panels. Wood, finished cement, or tile is frequently used for floor covering.

Pergola – is an attached structure that provides shade. It can be used on walk ways, or on all of the attachments listed above as well as simply extending off of the side of a home over a patio in order to create a more livable space, especially in our hot Southwest Florida summer sun.

Though intermixing these terms in everyday conversation won’t make much difference, people generally understand what you are referring to, when you are working to design your dream home it is important to be able to convey what it is you are picturing in your mind’s eye to the architect.

Hopefully, this article has given you a little clarification. When you are ready to build come talk with us at Harden Custom Homes, SW Florida’s Premier builder for over 40 years. Give us a call by dialing 239-205-5075 or visit us on line and check out our galleries of previously built dream homes by going to www.hardencustomhomes.com

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