Build Your Dream Home with a Matching Playhouse

Build Your Dream Home with a Matching Playhouse

Build Your Dream Home with a Matching Playhouse

It was common practice for the wealthy in Victorian times, to build a matching playhouse. When they would set out to build a family home, a play house in the yard was often included in the drawings as it was the goal of and assumed that the couple moving in would be starting a family.


Though times have changed and not everyone’s goal is to have a family, if you do happen to have or aspire to have children, building a playhouse that matches the real home is not only charming, it can add value to your property without adding too much cost up front.


Depending on the style of your home the playhouse can be as simple or as elaborate as you like. It can vary from one single room too multiple. It can be just the shell (as most playhouses are) or have additions inside of it such as shelving, workable windows, a second story, a balcony, even electricity. It could be a literal mini version of your home.


Playhouses are fun and whimsical and a conversation starter for certain, but they are also practical. They help children develop imagination, encourage independence, and even work on housekeeping skills.


They provide a place to store toys and keep their rooms and the main house neat and tidy while giving them a place to play and make noise without disturbing everyone else.


Talk with your Harden Custom Homes representative if you are interested in considering adding a playhouse to your build. (239) 205-5075.

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