Outdoor Pool vs. Indoor – Which Will You Build?

Outdoor Pool vs. Indoor – Which Will You Build?

Outdoor Pool vs. Indoor – Which Will You Build?

When you first consider building your home and decide that yes, you would like to include a pool, living in Florida it is almost automatically assumed that it will be an outdoor pool. After all, it’s Florida. We have relatively warm weather all year long and no snow season. But should an outdoor pool be your only option?

There are actually some pretty amazing indoor pool homes in Florida, you just can’t tell by simply driving by. They are hidden treasures only to be fully appreciated by owners and invited guests.

How do you decide?

The bottom line – Everyone’s biggest deciding factor is usually the cost. According to Quicken Loans, an outdoor in-ground pool can start in the ballpark of around $8,000 and work its way up based on inclusions and add-on’s. An indoor version begins at around $20,000 and can jump significantly higher depending on style, structure cover, ventilation and more.

It is important to factor in higher electrical bills as they use power not just for the pool itself but for the building around it (ventilation, AC, humidity control).

Don’t let cost be your only contributing and deciding factor

People choose indoor pools for a multitude of reasons. Aesthetics and preference being only one.

Sun – The ability to monitor, limit and control sun exposure while still getting pool time in is a big one. Overexposure to the sun has been linked to skin cancer as well as eye issues and accelerated aging. An indoor pool would limit these dangers. For versatility, a retractable roof could also be added.

Privacy – Indoor pools most certainly do offer more the more private swimming area. If you are building on a lot with neighbors right next door, this may be the less intrusive option.

Year Round Swimming – Even though we are technically a tropical climate it doesn’t guarantee year-round swimming weather. In fact, a few months out of the year it can get downright cold even occasionally hitting the freezing mark. If you swim for exercise or like to entertain and indoor pool can be incredibly helpful.

Maintaining your pool – Indoor is the hands-down winner. The environment is enclosed, therefore it is easier to control. There will be no leaves or debris or pollen to clear out on a regular basis, only chemical balance to monitor.

What to watch out for – Chlorine overexposure.

Outdoors chemical vapors waft away in the wind naturally. Indoors you need to have good ventilation or it can lead to breathing problems including COPD and bronchitis as well as migraine headaches and lung related issues.

When building the pool of your dreams with Harden Custom Homes, indoor or out, it is guaranteed to be done right. Let your imagination run wild. Give us a call to start formulating your dream home today! Give us a call at 239-205-5075 or text 239-900-0685. Visit us on the web by going to www.hardencustomhomes.com.

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