How to Protect Your New Home During Hurricanes

How to Protect Your New Home During Hurricanes

How to Protect Your New Home During Hurricanes

We are now in the midst of hurricane season. There are not any large storms on the horizon according to recent weather forecasts, but that does not mean that we should be lax about protecting our new home from a hurricane.

Many of our clients are from “up north”, meaning the northern states. Many are here building there second or third home. The sunshine, gorgeous beaches, and warm sub-tropical weather has drawn them here to southwest Florida. Our weather can be very different than the northern part of the United States. We get hurricanes. Protecting your new home from the winds and water of a hurricane is crucial.

  • Protect your windows and sliding glass doors. If you do not have hurricane impact glass installed, then you will need to install window shutters. The winds can become fierce, forcing their way into your home which can cause uplift, tearing your roof off. Also, anything outside becomes a dangerous projectile, which can shatter your windows and glass doors. If you need to install shutters, make sure that you begin the process of installation well before the storm arrives. This process takes time. Impact glass is the ideal material.
  • Make sure that your gutters and downspouts are clear of leaves and debris. This will allow them to do their job of routing rain water away from your home, decreasing the chance of flood and water damage.
  • Clear the areas around your new home of kids toys, any loose objects such as garbage cans and patio furniture. Either bring them indoors or secure them before the storm arrives. Cut tree branches that are loose or could be a possible projectile during the storm.
  • Your garage door is a large opening in your new home, so this is a weak spot. To secure a garage door, add vertical braces to the inside. Horizontal beams will not work well due to the wide span of the door.
  • Consider buying a generator in the likely event that the power shuts off. Sometimes, the power can be out for weeks, so to keep the lights on and your air conditioner cranking, you will want to have a generator.

The key to protecting your new home from a hurricane is preparedness. If you wait until the last minute, most of the supplies you need will be gone from the stores. So, when you hear that a potential tropical storm or hurricane is on the way to southwest Florida, we suggest that you begin the process of protecting your home.

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