Lighting Design & Your New Home

Lighting Design & Your New Home

Lighting Design & Your New Home

One of the most important, yet most overlooked features when creating the plans for your new custom home is the lighting. Considering how you live in your home when designing the lighting will ultimately lead you to being much happier and more comfortable in the long run.


Let’s look at what is needed room by room


Kitchen – The kitchen is a unique area. You need task lighting in order to cook and work. Undercabinet lighting should be considered. Small flush lights can be mounted directly under the counter and hidden with a small piece of molding. Overhead lighting (can lights) if used, should be spread evenly throughout the area. Over table and over bar chandeliers and or pendant lighting should be put on dimmers enabling the owners to set the light levels based on happenings.


Bath – There is nothing worse than being blasted with light when you first wake up or in the middle of the night. Fluorescent lights make you look aged and hurt your eyes. Go with incandescent sources. Wall sconces by mirrors are a wonderful choice as light at the same level as your face allows you to shave or apply makeup easily and without shadows.


Bedroom – Bedroom lighting should be soothing as well as utilitarian.  Tall torchier lighting can serve to light the room without being overwhelming. Central ceiling flush mount lighting is also fairly standard and for good reason. It’s nice to be able to walk in, flip a switch and simply be able to see.


Lanai – often there isn’t much thought given to lighting a patio area, yet we expect to be able to entertain in the evenings. Wall sconces on the exterior walls of the house


Electrical outlet and j-box placement is important in every room. Try to plan out where your furniture will go so that if you need a floor outlet it can be planned in before the flooring is laid. Reading lamps are often needed by couches or armchairs and having cords strewn across the floor is less than ideal.


Talking with your Harden Homes Representative will give you a great idea of how the home would best be laid out and the lighting designed. Give us a call today at 239-205-5075.

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