Kitchen Remodeling Tips and Trends

Kitchen Remodeling Tips and Trends

Kitchen Remodeling Tips and Trends

After flipping through pages of home and garden magazines or watching your favorite home improvement show, you might realize that your kitchen could use an overhaul. Kitchen remodeling is a way for you to update the look of your kitchen to keep with the current trends. It increases home values and helps in selling your home as well. The contemporary shift in 2016 for kitchen remodeling sets the path for design ideas in 2017 kitchens

To keep your home looking current, here are some tips on kitchen remodeling for 2017:

  • A new soft, modern look is hot right now. Clean, simple lines is sought after in cabinetry and countertops.


  • Cabinetry that is two-tone is the way to go. Many people are opting for two neutral colors that complement each other such as warm greys and whites.


  • Kitchen appliances have moved away from the cold, sterile grey color. In its place, warm metal colors are dominating the scene. You can now find soft, warm stainless steel colors in refrigerators, cooktops, dishwashers, and more. Another look for appliances is to incorporate them seamlessly into the cabinetry by using cabinet panels to “hide” them.


  • Earthy tones such as warm, dark grey, brown, greens, dark blues, and black are all trending colors for 2017. By mixing natural elements such as a grey concrete floor or countertop with a soft, off-white, you can achieve the kitchen interior feel that has a clean line yet a warmth to it.


  • Quartz kitchen countertops are popular due to their durability and color selection. But, you will also find glass, stainless steel, and concrete countertops trending due to their ability to invoke a modern kitchen design.


  • Large drawers and lots of storage are key to keeping clutter to a minimum. Modern designs are clutter-free and clean, so having proper cabinetry features to “hide” small appliances and essentials needed for cooking, etc.


Kitchen remodeling can be an exciting adventure for any homeowner. If you are in the beginning stages, grab some home design magazines and tear out the pictures that resonate with your style. Or do some searches online to see what other homeowners have done. These are great places to start your journey towards your dream kitchen.

Bring your ideas to a kitchen remodeling company such as us here at Harden Custom Homes. We will collaborate with you on your ideas and bring new ones to the table that maybe you hadn’t thought of. We are well educated in the design for kitchen remodeling and are always on the forefront of home fashion trends. Call us today 239-205-5075 or contact us through our website at

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