Indoor Gardens and Green Houses

Indoor Gardens and Green Houses

Indoor Gardens and Green Houses

Greenery and foliage can transform a home into something truly special. When most people consider adding plants, they think potted houseplant – small and unassuming. The truth is if planned out from the design stage before building you can make plants and trees an integral part of the house itself.

Landscaping is an art form. That doesn’t change just because you are switching from the outside to inside of the property. If you love plants, but not weathering the elements to take care of them, consider adding a garden area to the plans. Additions to the entry foyer, halls, master bath areas, even great rooms can be decorated with plants and trees.

Adding an actual greenhouse as a feature bonus room is an option. Grow your own vegetables year round and be in control of the produce your family eats. No pesticides, fertile healthy soil, and organic carrots, lettuce, peas, beets, herbs, flowers and much more. It is totally up to you what you decide to plant.

Indoor greenhouses require suitable temperature and humidity control as well as proper ventilation. It is important to work with your builder to make sure that what you are wanting to build is suitable for our climate here in Southwest Florida. Harden Custom Homes works with only the most knowledgeable experts in the field.

Benefits of indoor plants

  • Beauty and visual appeal
  • Oxygenation of the air you breathe
  • Helps reduce airborne dust
  • Reduces pollutants in the air
  • Sharper focus (studies have shown that adding plants to a space helps people to maintain focus)
  • Improved health (according to researchers at Kansas State University, patients with plants in the room healed more quickly and experienced less anxiety and fatigue.)
  • Add moisture to the air – helps to decrease the likelihood of dry throat and cough
  • Plant Aloe Vera plants (their stalks can be trimmed and split open for use of the contained gel for burns, cuts, and scrapes in the household.)
  • Use fragrant plant choices and do away with chemical air fresheners.

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