How to Plan to Build a New Home

How to Plan to Build a New Home

How to Plan to Build a New Home

Building your dream home doesn’t happen overnight. It takes vision, planning, and action. Writing out a timeline and goal list is a great start.

Ask yourself what do you want in a home? What inclusions, how many rooms, what square footage, where do you want to build? Do you already have a lot or do you need to find one?

Establish a budget. That is a great way to keep your fantasy and reality in balance. Once you know what you want and how much you have to spend – secure financing and find your Architect, general contractor, design-builder, or home builder.

It is also a good idea to plan out and budget in where you will reside during the build as it can take several months depending on the scale of the project. Make sure not to get stuck in any long leases and read the fine print on everything you sign so that you make sure when your home is ready, you are as well.

One of the main reasons future homeowners seek out designers and architects is that they don’t want the same old same old when it comes to design. That is the beauty of working with a custom builder like Harden Custom Homes rather than a standard cookie cutter “pick your model” type of standard.

Additionally, it can help you to cut down on costs. Rather than starting completely from scratch you can browse our online gallery of model homes and already constructed custom homes and pick and choose features, putting together your own style and layout.

Harden has been in business for over 40 years and has worked in every style imaginable from modern Bauhaus clean designs to  Colonial to Traditional, to Transitional, Cottage, Tommy Bahama, you name it, we build it for you. With contacts to get the best materials at the best prices, our custom homes start at just $250,000.

We would love to talk with you in person if you have a moment feel free to stop by our model home center located at 2818 Tropicana Pkwy W, Cape Coral, FL 33993. Give us a call at 239-205-5075 or text us at 239-900-0685.

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