Hottest Upgrades and Options for Building in Southwest Florida

Hottest Upgrades and Options for Building in Southwest Florida

Hottest Upgrades and Options for Building in Southwest Florida

Looking to build your new home here in Southwest Florida? Take a look at whats trending right now as far as upgrades, options and even customizations! Harden Custom Homes loves bright new ideas and remains on the cutting edge of classic home building.

1. Navy Blue is the new black! – It seems many are over the stark darkness of the contrast that black offers and are merging toward a slightly softer though just as dramatic Navy shade of blue. This is especially true of kitchen design. “Navy Blue Kitchens” increased a whopping 80% on Pinterest in just 2018 alone.

2. Islands – yes we said it with an “s” on purpose. People are choosing to build kitchen areas with not just one but two islands. The more open style floor plan allows multiple heights to cater to not only at home chefs and bakers but the company that follows for entertainment and gathered chats. Everyone knows the kitchen is where everyone always gravitates towards!

3. Baths with free standing non-shower tubs are all the rage.  A good soak has come back in style bringing luxury and serenity with it. Gone are the days of the straight back short in shower tubs, at least in the master bath. Grand, comfortable, and relaxing are in and unlikely to leave any time soon.

4. Larger tiles on not only the floors but also on the walls offer a cleaner look and honestly the less grout the easier it is to keep them looking new year after year.

5. Deeper, richer colors are becoming more popular especially for kitchens. Genres of blue, white, and combination tile can make a kitchen feel comfortable and cozy. Why Blue? Blue shows better than most other dark colors as it shows off well against natural wood cabinetry.

Come visit us at our model home and let us show you some of the newest hottest design features you may choose to include in your new Harden Custom Home. We are located at 2818 Tropicana Pkwy W, Cape Coral, FL 33993. You may also visit our gallery of homes online at or call 239-205-5075.

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