What Do Your Home Color Choices Say About You?

What Do Your Home Color Choices Say About You?

What Do Your Home Color Choices Say About You?

Choosing to build a home is a big step. A big, wonderful, fun step where you get to be fully creative because there is no more landlord. This property will be yours and yours alone and you may freely do as you wish.

Designing your home falls right in line with the project of building your new home. For many, it can be difficult to visualize what a space that doesn’t even exist in the physical yet will look like, let alone choose colors for paint, drapes, fabrics, and furniture to put inside of it. Whether you choose to go it alone or hire a professional interior designer color choices, textiles and hardware will need to be picked out before the build.

Tile floors, cabinetry, handles, sink hardware, wall coverings, moldings and more all need to be pre-decided on and ordered.

Let’s take a look at different color palettes and how those colors can make the living spaces feel.

Neutral Tones – Warm or cool neutral tones set a very even consistent feel in a homemaking one room flow easily into the next. They give a classic feel and can be warm and inviting or stark depending on the use. 

Bright Colors – Bright colors can liven up a home. They add interest, a focal point, and even can be a topic of conversation. When selecting bright colors make sure that everyone agrees with them who will be living there. People tend to have strong opinions on these.

Muted Dark Colors – Dark colors can be done very elegantly. Just be careful not to overdo it. Dark colors can also make spaces feel smaller and more closed in. What seems like a great idea on a 2” paint swatch may not seem the same when applied to a whole room. Use with caution.

Pastels – Pastel colors lighten up a room. They take the light and seem to amplify it. Pastels are great for kids rooms and other areas like reading nooks and even kitchens.

The role colors play in mood

  • Reds – vibrancy, passion, and liveliness
  • Blues – Relaxation, healing, calmness
  • Yellows – Bright and cheery. Note: in several studies kitchens done in yellow made people hungrier than any other color. If you are looking to lose weight yellow may not be ideal.
  • Greens – tranquility and zen. Note: Green painted in hospitals has been shown to help lower anxiety and blood pressure.
  • White – white is beautiful. Clean, crisp and untouched. Note: Be careful not to use too much white. If you do have tons or all white walls, make sure to hang some colorful artwork to contrast the starkness. It has been shown in hospitals that overexposure to bright white can contribute to anemia.

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