Why You Should Hire Your Builder Before You Buy Your Land

Why You Should Hire Your Builder Before You Buy Your Land

Why You Should Hire Your Builder Before You Buy Your Land

Just about everyone fantasizes about building their ultimate dream home. The problem is many of us get all tangled up in the excitement and take steps in the wrong order, some of which can be very costly to try and undo if need be.

One would think that step one would be to find the perfect location and purchase the land. Once you have the land, the builder is the easy part… right?


There is always the possibility that due to zoning, a lack of clear access, septic issues, incorrect lot size, land use regulations, or even the actual makeup of the the parcel of land you choose just might be unbuildable. Ever heard the term “I have some swamp land in Florida to sell you?”

Without a builder in place to advise you, you may just end up being sold a bad and unusable parcel of land.

Once your builder is chosen and hired, a lot is picked, soil tests are done, a budget is determined, a bank loan (if needed) is procured, the home itself is designed, permits are pulled and construction may begin. If these steps are not followed it can bring construction to a screeching halt at any step along the way. Set backs can destroy a budget, quickly. Sometimes making the dream home unaffordable and back to the realm of just a dream.

Nothing compares to the freedom and creativity of designing and building your dream home. Hiring a knowledgeable experienced, custom home builder to give you that initial land buying guidance is well worth it. Additionally, having your builder pre-selected allows you to concentrate on the more fun aspects of your custom home build while they settle the technical details for you.

Harden Custom Homes is currently building homes throughout Southwest Florida and has been or over 40 years. We have built custom homes in some of the most beautiful, yet challenging, landscapes Florida has to offer. 

If you are in need of a custom home builder in Southwest Florida please give us a call at 239-205-5075 or visit our Contact Us page.  We would love to talk with you about creating your dream home the right way.

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