Guest houses & Mother In-Law Suites

Guest houses & Mother In-Law Suites

Guest houses & Mother In-Law Suites

Let’s face it. We live in Florida, land of sun, sand, and vacationers. Some of those vacationers we know and love. They come down here not only to take in the sights and catch some rays but to visit us.

When guests come, especially when staying for extended periods more than just a weekend, wouldn’t it be nice to have a space totally separate for them to stay in? Finding a hotel close by is always an option, but it is far less personal and often expensive, even detrimental to visitors being able to make the trip.

When building your new home if you have chosen a lot large enough to accommodate it, consider adding a mother in law suite or guest house. They can be custom designed to fit your needs. Guest homes can vary from the small size of a 500 sq. foot studio apartment design to 1,000 sq. Feet or more.

Guest houses have all the amenities of the main house with fully installed heat/air, plumbing, electric, and more.

Though intended for short-term sporadic use, they could easily be used year round for welcome relatives, hence the name “Mother In Law Suite”.

With “Tiny Homes” being all the rage these days, more than ever guest houses are quickly rising in popularity as well among new home building clients.

If you have an interest in adding on a guest house to your current or upcoming home design, talk with us. Let our team at Harden Custom Homes make your home the very best it can be. To get started on building your home complete with an in-home gym, visit: or call (239) 205-5075.

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