Build Your Florida Home with a Pool

Build Your Florida Home with a Pool

Build Your Florida Home with a Pool

One of the main attractions to building a new Florida home is the consistently warm and sunny weather. Yes, there are the occasional storms that pop up during the summer rainy season. For the most part, southwest Florida’s weather is sunny and warm. Building your Florida home with a pool is not only wise, it is the norm down here. When selecting the elements of your pool, you will want to consider the following:

The shape of the pool. Do you want a rectangular or freeform pool shape? Take into account the amount of room on the lanai or backyard that you have to work with. Also, decide how you will use your pool. If you plan on performing laps, then a rectangular one will serve you well. If you just see it as a place to float and hang out, then a freeform one might suit you just fine. The shape sets the tone for the pool, so think this one through before deciding.

Do you want to add a spa? Again, how will you use the pool? If it will mainly be for exercise, then adding a spa to it might take up space that you could use for laps. But, if you like to chill with your family and friends in a hot tub or would use it therapeutically, then it makes sense to add this element.

Are there any additional elements that you want to add to the structure? Spitters, waterfalls, sun decks, umbrella stands, and jets to the spa are all common options. Talk with your builder about all of the options available to you.

What type of material do you want for the pool deck? Finding something that is harmonious with the exterior colors of the Florida home is ideal. Try to select a product that is not slippery and a light color to avoid burning your feet on hot pavers. Concrete is an affordable option, but pavers and stone tend to be the most popular. Coordinate the coping with the deck pavers. Go a shade lighter or darker to create an outline around the pool’s perimeter.

What kind of interior do you want? There are many types of lining for the interior of pools to choose from, with most selecting concrete, vinyl, or fiberglass. Each offers a plethora of colors.

Have fun with the pool finishes. This is where you can add splashes of color and make the pool stand out. Waterline tiles can be vibrant, earthy, or neutral. Choose to incorporate a secondary tile on the exterior of the spa for a splash of color and design.

Your new home builder can help you in all of these selections. They’re the experts in new home design and can guide you in the right direction based on your preferences.

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