Florida Home Design

Florida Home Design

Florida Home Design

Florida is unique among the 50 states of the United States, with its tropical climate and landscape, and because of this, when people build their homes in Florida, they often want to capture some of that uniqueness, to incorporate ideas and plans into their home design that are uniquely Florida.  This includes the integration of indoor and outdoor spaces as well as taking advantage of the beautiful Florida vistas.  Often, these designs borrow from Mediterranean home styles, capitalizing on the amazing Florida climate.


One of the features of Florida design is open space.  This is true of both the outdoors and inside homes.  Open floorplans that allow seamless and open movement from room to room are a common feature of Florida homes.  Couple this with high ceilings, and the home design helps give a sense of open space.  In Florida, you’re never too far from the open skies and wide horizons of the beautiful beaches, even when you’re indoors.


Because of this appreciation of open space, Florida homes will often blur the distinctions between indoors and outdoors.  Homes open up directly onto the lanai or patio and will often treat the patio as another room, albeit one that is open to the outdoors.  Patios are often screened in and incorporate pools, but even when these features are absent, it is still an important aspect of the home’s layout.  Entries and doorways are also influenced by this aesthetic of blurring the lines between inside and out.

Coastal View

One of the most prominent features of Florida is the coastal view.  Homes that are built with such a view will incorporate that view into the design, with broad picture windows or other kind of view-enhancing design being a central feature of the home.  Even homes built away from the coast can incorporate views of Florida’s tropical and subtropical flora and landscapes.

No matter where you are in a Florida home, the beauty and allure of Florida’s natural landscape influences the design of the space.  When you’re considering building your own custom home in Florida, be sure to consider how you can incorporate these Florida designs into your own design for your new home.  Contact Harden Custom Homes for all of your custom home-building needs and for any questions you have about home design or about building in Florida.  Stop by our model home at 2818 Tropicana Pkwy W., Cape Coral, FL 33993, or call (239) 205-5075.

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