What Type of Flooring is Right for Your New Home?

What Type of Flooring is Right for Your New Home?

What Type of Flooring is Right for Your New Home?

Building a new home is such an exciting time. You will have many decisions to make along the way. One of those decisions will be the flooring. Since flooring material covers the entire home and sets the tone for the rooms, you will want to look at all your options and choose wisely.

Consider the room in which you are choosing the flooring. If it is a kitchen or bathroom, you will want something durable and that can handle water spills and humidity. Carpet, obviously, will not do the job. As you can see, common sense comes into play in the decision-making process. Your budget can also play a role in what you ultimately end up installing. For your information, here are the various materials that will be available to you:

  • Hardwood flooring is a popular option. Homeowners tend to love the look and feel of wood on the floor. You can select different types of woods that will range in color, graining, and durability.


  • Ceramic or porcelain tile is a favorite here in southwest Florida. Tile is durable and can be placed in all areas of the home, even the bathrooms. It is easy to clean and is offered in many different patterns and colors. You can even find tile that looks like wood.


  • Laminate flooring is another popular flooring type in Florida. It’s durability far outlasts many natural materials and it is available in thousands of colors, patterns, widths, and lengths. If you have animals in the home, this is a great choice.


  • Stone tile floors are a gorgeous choice. The natural stone look and feel is warm and inviting. The variation in graining and color is decided on the stone slab that they literally cut from a mountain.


  • Carpet flooring has always been a staple in bedrooms and closets. It is nice to get out of bed and step onto a soft material and not a cold, hard floor. Also, carpet mutes sound, so the room is a bit quieter than if you had wood, tile, stone, or laminate installed.

The type of flooring that you choose for your new home is strictly a personal preference. There are pros and cons to all the types, but once you weigh your options, you will find what is right for you.

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