Five Hot Trends in Custom Home Design for 2015

Five Hot Trends in Custom Home Design for 2015

Five Hot Trends in Custom Home Design for 2015


2015 is already well under way, and here at Harden Custom Homes we’re very excited about the trends that we’ve already started noticing this year in custom home design. While many trends come and go as quickly as the seasons, we’ve selected five of the biggest trends going on right now that we believe are here to stay:

1. Open floor plans.
Open floor plans are nothing new, and have existed for quite some time as an alternative to traditional, compartmentalized homes with at least three walls enclosing each separate space. While traditional homes often lack a clear center or base, the modern home’s design typically centers around the kitchen, which to many, is considered both the social center and the “heart” of any home. With this in mind, more and more single family homes are being built to showcase these centers, while keeping the surrounding rooms open and connected, encouraging communication and interaction among family members, while presenting a welcoming and inviting environment for visiting friends and guests.

2. Smart homes.
Technology is improving every single day, and no where is it more noticeable than in custom home design. “Smart” technology is no longer just for phones, tablets, and computers, and it’s now easier than ever to automate your entire home seamlessly. And because these fixtures are most efficiently installed during the construction process, many homeowners find it best to work in their automation desires during the design stages for their new custom home. Perfect for both practical and pleasurable purposes, a smart home can keep your family and home safe through state of the art security systems and video surveillance, while also improving your entertaining possibilities with home-integrated audio and media systems.

3. Multiple master suites.
More and more you’ll find that modern homes are built to accommodate multiple master suites, typically two and ideally with both located on the main floor. This is especially true in Southwest Florida, where beautiful and sunny weather year round guarantees frequent guests and visitors. Not only will visiting guests be incredibly impressed to have their own bedroom and bathroom, but these spaces can often adapt to various multi-generational living situations as well. Have an elderly parent that needs to be looked after in the long-term, or perhaps a college-aged son or daughter in need of additional privacy in the short-term? Homes with multiple master suites were designed with just such special accommodations in mind.

4. Green technology.
With concerns about the environment and depleting natural resources getting a lot of attention in the media lately, it should come as no surprise that more and more homes are being built with just such concerns in mind. While installing solar panels on your roof can be very impractical and expensive for the average family, there are many small and simple ways that “green” ideals can be utilized in homes to both save money and save natural resources. For example, a home with more windows can make use of natural sunlight, or, a home with a rainwater harvesting tank can ensure that it is making less of a negative impact on areas of the United States currently experiencing severe drought.

5. Outdoor living spaces.
In modern custom homes, the outdoor spaces can oftentimes be just as important, if not more important, than the interior spaces, especially in Southwest Florida. In Southwest Florida, a backyard is usually much more than just a lawn, and tends to call for an all-inclusive entertainment center that will keep residents and guests outside as much as possible. While pools and hot tubs tend to easily draw guests outside, one growing trend in Southwest Florida is the construction of outdoor kitchens and bathrooms as well. These constructs allow basic needs to be met, but allow homeowners to take care of them in a way that is representative of all the reasons that they moved to Florida in the first place: to enjoy the warm weather and sunshine, all day every day.

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