Designing the Patio

Designing the Patio

Designing the Patio

Another very important aspect of your new custom home that you will want to think about when you put together the design is the patio.  Patios can be seen as extensions of the indoor space of the home, a kind of threshold between inside and outside, where people can socialize or relax, to enjoy their home while also enjoying the outdoors.  Patios are a very important space in any home, and it’s important to consider how your own patio design helps maximize the potential of the space.

Because the patio is a fuzzy border between inside and outside, it can serve many different functions.  Patios can be a site for cooking, for eating, and even for entertainment.  Most people will use their patio for all of these functions and more.  So when you’re thinking about the patio design, be sure to provide for this flexibility.  Consider your own personal needs: will you prefer large groups of people, or small, intimate gatherings?  Because the patio can be used for many different functions, it’s important to consider what is required for these functions and plan the space to accommodate any necessary equipment.  For example, you may want to plan a space for the grill and another for a table or a place to lounge.

Another very important aspect of the patio area will be the choice of materials.  For the most part, the exterior of your home will probably influence the materials you choose for the patio since the look and feel of the patio is very much dependent on the materials.  For example, brick is a common material for traditional homes, while stone or terracotta tile work will with Mediterranean houses.  Concrete can give you many options and fits in well with most styles.  You will also want to decide if you want the patio to be covered or uncovered, as each can give a different feel for the space.

There are other patio design details that are quite common, and you will probably want to consider whether to include these.  Fire pits and fireplaces are common in cooler climates, but even in Florida they can be a great addition.  Florida patios are often coupled with a pool, so you might want to consider whether having a pool would be a good idea.  Gardens and walkways are also interesting features that you might want to associate with the patio.

As the border between indoors and outdoors, the patio is a very important area in your new custom home, so be sure to spend some time thinking about its design.  If you have any questions or concerns about designing your new custom home, be sure to contact Harden Custom Homes today.  Stop by our model home at 2818 Tropicana Pkwy W., Cape Coral, FL 33993, or call us at (239) 205-5075.

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